Rebrandly – Powerful tool but can get expensive

Rebrandly – Powerful tool but can get expensive


If you're into link sharing and rebranding, then Rebrandly is a service that you're going to want to check out.


Rebrandly's features include tracking and stats on how your links are performing along with the option for both Google Analytics and integration. In addition, it offers some nice branding options which means you can create a brand from scratch or use one of their premade templates. There is also full support for mobile devices!


Rebrandly has so much to offer you can even see how many views, clicks and favorites your links have received!


There are two versions of Rebrandly depending on what you're looking for. The first is the free version which gives you 50 regular branded short links per month along with 5 custom domains. This is a great place to start if you're not quite sure what you want because it's always nice to test the waters before committing further. If this sounds like enough for your marketing strategy then move on up to the Pro Version where things get more interesting. For $49/month or less when billed annually, Rebrandly allows unlimited branding across multiple custom domains, batch management of and regular branded short URLs, priority support, and detailed analytics.



All things considered, Rebrandly by far the best service to use if you need quick, good looking links with your branding already built in. But it can get pricey especially if you want more than just one custom domain name. It's definitely worth having a look at all of their pricing options before signing up!

Noice sounds cool but what would be even cooler is an option for bulk creation of shortlinks. There are some pretty big players out there that just need hundreds upon hundreds of shortlinks created over night and they don't really care about domains, analytics or branding. Would be sweet if this could be an option just because I know SC users would love it too since they are probably subscribed to all the popular and helpful subreddits and often post articles that would be good to link.

·          Implementation: The service has a very simple interface that is intuitive and easy to understand making its use pretty much straight forward. I found it challenging to create custom domains though, even with the walkthrough. This is because you need to know what your short URL will be before registering your own domain.

·          Effectiveness: Rebrandly offers effectiveness in both branding and analytics department. It also boasts mobile support which makes it versatile across platforms. However, its plain layout might not appeal to everyone's tastes nor make the best impression on visitors who land on your links via social media channels such as Twitter or Facebook.

·          Pricing: Rebrandly offers both free and paid options with the main difference between the two being limited branding choices. The service also has a referral program which allows you to earn free branded links by convincing your friends or colleagues to use their own short links via your special link.

·          Bottom line: If you're looking for a reliable, straightforward tool for rebranding sharing links that gives you basic analytics then this is it. And with its mobile support, all platforms are covered making this an awesome tool. However, if you want more than just basic stats and lack of custom domains might be a deal breaker.


Noice they have rebranded the website! I like it, much cleaner now. Seems they've added some new options too judging by the screenshots, will have to check this out again soon....

Looks a lot better then before - no more ticking or weird stuff going on when you hover over links. So here goes:

Very nice layout and overall impression. It's not just a quick redesign either it has been thought through and rearranged leaving a professional look to your brand(s). Getting started is pretty easy you get 50 free shortlinks per month wich can be used across multiple domains without any extra fees so thats nice even testing what exactly this webapp offers. Additional domains can be created just by using your own link and registering that domain to your account so thats pretty smooth too. Then we have the upgrade options:

Now this is important, for $49/month you get unlimited branding across multiple custom domains, batch management of and regular branded short URLs, priority support and detailed analytics. This seems like a great deal but let's not forget about the Pro Version which includes some additional features such as password protection (great for blogs) more advanced analytics and bulk creation of shortlinks which is awesome if you need hundreds (or thousands?) of short urls created on demand with your brand or whatever you want each one to say! The prices seem very reasonable actually since it's less than 50c daily for the Pro Version and less than $1/month if you go for the free version.

This is a great service with lots of features that all competitors should look into as well as provide themselves. This works perfectly, quickly and even allows you to focus on other things since it's not hard to use at all! Check them out !

Great job Rebrandly, I'll certainly be using these services from now on! Thanks for reading this review, keep it up!

I have been looking for a good URL shortener alternative but haven't found one yet. Well I think i might have just found what seems to be one of the most fair around offering both Free & Premium plans. Both are limited by some means but still offer great services that are up to par. Free plan includes 50 shortlinks per month while premium plan for $49/mo gets you unlimited branding across multiple domains, priority support and tons more! The free account has no limits on the urls created but they all will have your branded name so if you need to create a lot of urls this could require some extra work in order to change the default text. This is why I say it isn't completely free because still has limitations, but still very usable. The pro version offers advanced features such as password protection blogs, advanced analytics and bulk creation of shortlinks which seems great if you need 1000 or more urls created on demand with your brand or whatever you want each one to say! The prices seem to be very fair too since it's not more than $1/mo for basics and less than 50c/day if you go premium. If I need to, I can easily continue using my other shorteners but this seems like a great service with great features!

People always ask me what the best link shortener is, well here's an honest review of so you can see if it's right for you or not!

First off I will say nice branding and a good layout, looks pretty clean and has a professional feel to it which is important when dealing with other people's brands. It does have a lot going for it, unlimited shortening across multiple domains, cheap pricing and customizable urls where you can have your own domain of choice automatically redirected to it. For this review I am going to focus on the free version since that is a bit more important but still does offer a lot of good features as well as a great place to start which goes right into your account! You get 50 free shortlinks per month wich can be used across multiple brands without any extra fees! This sounds pretty nice since these links will always come up looking clean and not give away who created them or what service was used. That means even testing out what exactly this webapp offers comes down to trying out their pre-made examples rather than some ugly link from some other site with tons of ads for different services. The free version does have a few limitations of course, you can't use advanced features such as password protection or advanced analytics but these are still fair since it's free and a great place to start. I think the Pro Version would be worth getting if you need some extra analytics tools depending on how many short urls you create per day! At least check out what else they have to offer before going elsewhere because there isn't anything better that offers more for less money really, maybe some other webapps with tons of ads everywhere but those usually aren't as clean as this one so this one is looking good so far!



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