Rebrandly # matchurl

Rebrandly # matchurl


What is Rebrandly?

Rebrandly is the industry-leading link management platform to brand, track, and share short URLs. This free custom URL shortener tool offers features like customized analytics, traffic routing & deep linking, link retargeting, Account management, dedicated onboarding, etc.


What can I do with Rebrandly?

Rebrandly allows you to create a free custom URL that will forward your visitors on a custom branded page. The feature set includes:


Create a new user account

Import existing users from Google Analytics

Import existing users from CSV file

Login via Twitter (optional)

Email verification (optional) Create and verify shortened URLs (web addresses) Using our shortener, you can create short URLs that will forward your visitors to any website of your choice. For example, a Rebrandly user could create a free account and then create their own custom branded urls which they could share on social media or via email. You can customize the appearance of your links by modifying the URL rules and adding parameters. The link preview shows how the final destination page looks like before being redirected to it.

Advanced settings for this tool allow you to manage traffic routed from your shortened urls with our Developer API, iframe & iFrame tags or even xAuth authentication at no additional cost!

Rebrandly Features: Increased brand visibility Customizable analytics report Enhanced click tracking & data insights 10 custom domains for your links 302 redirects & SEO-friendly URLs Structured data embedding & Schema markup compatibility Link customization & Short Code generator Link filters to prevent adult, spam or obscene content on your custom branded short URL

Enter a new value for this parameter in the URL rules editor. For example, if you'd like to forward visitors from to, you would create two matching Custom URLs: one with "red" as the color parameter, another with "blue" as the second parameter. Thus, adding "?color=red" to any Rebrandly link will forward users to that particular destination page's red version while providing deep-linking capabilities to the page itself.

The color parameter is part of the default Rebrandly default parameters, but you can change it to any value that matches your brand's look and feel or marketing strategy. You can then select which customized short URLs to automatically turn on retargeting for new visitors from your website via a dedicated dashboard in your Rebrandly account.

Once you've created a custom domain for your brand, you can use it as either a Redirect or a Brand URL. The redirect feature allows you to forward users from one destination url to another after they click on a shortened link by adding an address parameter with the final landing page as its value:

On the other hand, the Brand feature is better suited to showcase your custom branding in a more elegant way:


Customized analytics reports allow you to track clicks and performance on each of your links over time by exporting data into Google Sheets or CSV files via the Rebrandly dashboard

Tracking URLs are also available for deep analytics reports with automatic click tracking events that show how many visits originated from each link you've created until it gets shared on social media or indexed by search engines like Google or Bing

Shortened URLs can be used as a way to track your PPC campaigns and keep an eye on the number of clicks, impressions and conversions generated by each campaign

Using our API or Developer's Dashboard you can forward users from any custom link directly into your CRM system to offer an improved support experience for your customers and build lasting relationships with your leads.


Share your Custom URL with the world to promote your brand and make it easy for users to find you on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) or via email marketing campaigns. You can also use Rebrandly links in blog posts or articles using our IFRAME or iFRAMES tags that will automatically turn into affiliate links

Track when people are interacting with your links by leveraging advanced features available via our developer API to display deep-linked content when someone clicks on your link

If you have multiple landing pages across different paths in a multivariate testing campaign, Rebrandly offers you unique tracking in each one of them so you can monitor which page is more successful at driving engagement and conversions

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