REBRANDLY  # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

REBRANDLY # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


Welcome to the new REBRANDLY design!

In this post we're going to focus on a quick walk-through of some of the great features our rebranded site offers. We've got a brand-new color scheme, a cleaner look all around and lots of fun stuff to come in the near future. Let's start with the most obvious change: The New Color Scheme

As you can see from the images above, rebrandly now has an orange accent color as opposed to pink which it used before. This is something that will be evident right from your homescreen where you'll find several links waiting for you - It simply makes more sense from both a marketing point of view as well as a usability perspective. Now let's continue with the other changes. The New Look

The new color scheme is not just an aesthetic change for the sake of having something different - It also makes it much easier to navigate and find your way around rebrandly, both through the illustrated live feeds as well as through our search function (located in the top right corner). You'll notice several other small design changes here but we think these are the most important ones. Other Changes

That's pretty much everything you need to know about this redesign stuff! Let's move on to some more general info about rebrandly; We've added a whole bunch of new tools that will make it even easier to generate links that go along with your brand, which will help making your end users' experience even better.

We've also improved our support for other platforms and browsers, and we encourage you to try accessing rebrandly from a mobile device! With the combination of these two things (the new color scheme and improved user experience) we're really confident that this site will allow you to do your thing even better than before; We did our best to make it look cool while still being functional - Let us know what you think of everything!

Have fun with the new site, happy shortening everyone!

Just got demoted? Read this... Last week I was doing one of my regular strolls through Reddit when I stumbled upon someone who had been fired for trying use OKCupid . The reason why they were fired was because their boss found out they were talking to other people on the website.

I've never spoken much about my current job, but if you read this blog, you probably know what I do for a living; I work as an IT consultant in one of the biggest corporations in Greece and I often team up with our internal security team to do application security assessments. What's interesting about this is that every now and then these penetration tests involve dating websites, which are very popular among employees.

As expected, I knew that using these websites at work could lead to huge problems so I wanted to write down some things that anyone interested should keep in mind when surfing through their favorite dating site while at work:

1. Do not use your company email address.

When signing up for a dating website, it is best if you use an email address that doesn't even look like it's related to your current job (e.g: [email protected] ). This will make it easier to maintain separation between personal and work identities and thus making it harder for someone who might be looking at the traffic of your computer to find out about you surfing dating websites at work.

2. Do not have any communication with other employees on the same site/app.

If possible, create separate user accounts when using these websites at work so you can chat with people without being detected by anyone in your team or department. If this feature is not available, do not share any of your user names with anyone at work.

3. Do not use company time on dating websites.

This is probably the most obvious thing but it's also one of the things that people manage to forget or ignore when surfing through these sites at work. Just like you would never catch me using Facebook during working hours, I'd never be caught browsing OKCupid either - Getting caught doing this type of stuff can have very serious implications for your career so just don't do it!

4. Be careful which information you share about yourself on these websites.

A lot of dating websites offer some sort of search functionality that allows you to find out more info about someone based on their email address - This feature might allow a snoopy co-worker to find out more about your personal life and it might even lead them to connect the dots. If you are not sure how to disable this feature, do some googling before signing up! And while you are at it, avoid sharing any information that could raise red flags if someone else sees it. For example: Your full real name Full address including city, state and zip code Telephone numbers

5. Do not use these websites at work ever!

It should be obvious by now but just in case it's not - don't sign up for dating websites or anything similar at work. I can't emphasize enough on this fact so I won't bother writing anymore about it here... Just keep in mind that people will read what you are writing! :)

Ok, so you are convinced it's best not to have any of these websites on your work devices but what if you want to use them at home?

Well, this is where things get a little tricky. Granted that the company IT guy isn't all knowing and being able to convince him that there is nothing wrong with surfing dating websites while at home might prove hard, especially if someone has already brought it up within your workplace. That said, there are still some steps you can take in order minimize the risks associated with using these sites on an unprotected computer:

1. Make sure all traffic is encrypted!

Websites like Google are heavily used by employees because they are convenient for research purposes - Unfortunately though

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