Polr # matchurl

Polr # matchurl


Polr is an open-source link shortener. It allows you to host your own URL shortener and brand your URLs while gaining access to analytics.

A Polr installation consists of only three files, or four if you are using the optional Gravatar plugin. The main PHP file has no configuration options outside of specifying the location of the MySQL database in config.php . A HTML file for creating links through HTTP POST requests can be found in html/create_link.html . And lastly, a CSS stylesheet containing all that is required to style one's new link directory may be found in css/polr.css .

Installing Polr 

The following instructions assume that at least some familiarity with web development is present.

Note: The following installation steps are written with Mac OS X in mind. I am not familiar enough with Linux or Windows to troubleshoot any problems that may arise, however most of the installation process can be completed through the command line.

To begin, download the ZIP archive of Polr by clicking here . Unzip it and place all three files ( config.php , create_link.html , polr.css ) in their own folder probably called "polr" for simplicity's sake; this is where your new Polr directory will live. Open up terminal  and cd  into this new directory (for example, " cd ~/Desktop/polr ") then use wget to download MySQL if you don't have it already.

wget  http://dev.mysql.com/get/ Downloading  MySQL-5.7.16...  Connecting to  download.mysql.com  ( download.mysql.com )| | : 3128 |  HTTP |   connected |  Acess: Public |     HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK Length: 51118584 ( 49M ) [ application/octet-stream] Saving to: ' MySQL-5 . 7 . 16 . tar . gz' 100% [ ====> ] 49 , 1MB 302kB / s in 12s 2016 - 07 - 21 14 : 52 : 16 ( 282 KB / s ) - ' MySQL-5 . 7 . 16 . tar . gz' saved [ 51118584 / 51118584 ]   

Now that MySQL is installed, open up config.php and enter the location of your MySQL database in, as well as user credentials for a user with permissions to modify the database. In my case I used:

$database = 'polr_db' ;     $user = 'root' ;     $password =          ' password '; Once this information has been entered, simply edit create_link.html and polr.css should you wish to change their default values or styles respectively and then browse through http://localhost/polr/ to begin creating links (you could also use the hostname of your machine if you are running it on a remote server, but localhost will work just fine).

If all goes well, you should be able to create links and view analytics for them by browsing through http://localhost/polr/stats.php . If this does not work refer to the troubleshooting section below.


The most common errors involve MySQL either not being installed properly or not having permissions set up correctly for Polr to edit its database. Assuming that MySQL is installed properly and has at least one user with permissions set up, there are still three possible errors that may arise: The first lies in permissions within config.php . If you are using MySQL as the database server, Polr requires permissions to write data to a folder where public-facing PHP scripts can access them. This is why, for example, the HTML file resides within the html folder rather than directly in polr .

The second possible issue lies with how your server is configured. If your installation of PHP is not allowed to execute external programs such as wget , attempting to download MySQL will result in an error. Refer to your web host's documentation or ask their support team if it would be possible to enable this functionality on your account. A final possibility is that MySQL may simply not be installed properly on your machine. To check this, run through these steps: Open up Terminal First use mysql --version to check that mysql is installed. If it does not return any output, use homebrew or your operating system's package manager to install it

If mysql --version does return a version number, try to connect to the database using mysql -u root -p . This should generate an " Access denied for user 'root'@'localhost' (using password: NO )" error message Presuming that you have opened up permissions correctly within config.php , this may mean that MySQL has not been installed properly on your machine. Try installing it via Homebrew or your Operating System's package manager before asking for further assistance with the matter

Once again though, there are many other possible errors involving downloading MySQL and configuring it on your system. For these I recommend either having a look at phpMyAdmin's documentation for further assistance , or asking your web hosting provider for help.

The following tutorials will help you to get started with polr: - Installing Polr on XAMPP for macOS - HowTo SetUp Your Own URL Shortener Using Polr With MySQL Database On Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Server - Tutorial 1: Setting up a new site using Wordpress and Custom Domain (Jekyll) - Tutorial 2 : Hosting the site in Github pages, Configuring custom domain using CloudFlare DNS And finally, if all else fails... We always have the support forum where other users may be able to give advice that we haven't covered here. This is also where users will be able to help you solve implementation problems. I encourage you to post your implementations here if they are still having issues after following the above troubleshooting steps. If not, don't worry! Your link has been successfully shortened now and it can now be used as a hyperlink on webpages or even in an email.

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