– highest paying URL shortener in India – highest paying URL shortener in India


From being a country which produces several talents in IT sector to achieving emerging superpower status, India has come a long way. And now one more feather has been added to its cap – highest paying URL shortener.

To put this into perspective, pay per click (PPC) has always been an option for users who wish to make money online. Several companies tap the potential of Google Adsense PPC platform and earn through their websites by attracting traffic. The idea behind it is simple; better the number of visitors you have on your website, higher will be the revenue generated. And that seems like a great deal until recently when Indian startup firm PaySkip came up with another amazing yet-to-be-exploited idea which bagged them the title of 'highest paying URL shortener in India'.

Through PaySkip, users can shorten the links and earn up to INR 60 for each visit they generate. Not just that, they can also leave a custom message behind with your shortened link which will redirect the visitors to the original site. As simple it looks, this business idea is going viral and generating mass excitement among Indian IT professionals who are looking for additional revenue stream.

"As per my understanding, users signup on PaySkip using their Google account and once signed-in, they get an option to share links on Twitter or Facebook. The more number of clicks you generate i.e visits to your link shared on these social networking sites, you make money," said Saumya Mishra, a techie and first user of PaySkip.

"The minimum payout for PaySkip is INR 5000 which takes around 5-6 days to process," he added.

You can visit to know more about this interesting new way of making money online.

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Title: New startup idea nets Bangalore youngster Rs 4 lakh per month:

Hi I am Rohan from Bangalore. My father was looking for an alternate income source for the family. He is a retired govt teacher & mother is house wife. So, he started his own business of making worm composting pits at very nominal cost with me helping him in this business full time 4 years back. It has given us Rs 12 Lakhs net profit till date.

What if someone gives you Rs 1 per click on your website & advert landing page?

Then what would be your monthly income? If you are earning even 10k per month then how it will be helpful to buy anything worth lakhs or more? Now imagine that if anyone opens any advert land in their browser then they have an option to skip it or click it. It is very simple idea & making lots of money from this business every day!

In fact, there are several other things which can be done with this opportunity when anyone opens any link in their browser it will gives them the option to skip the link or open it by paying a small amount say Rs 1.

This Payskip project has been launched by few young minds from Bangalore who have put in 18 months long efforts & have created a product that will fetch them all cash in future. This service pays the users for each visit to their shortened links and also lets you add a note with your website's URL along with your clicks. You can earn upto Rs 60 per 1000 visits initiated from your links., which is a simple solution to make money from newly created business idea has been launched officially on 5th Dec 2010 by the PaySkip team.

The first 1000 users will get Rs 250 as signup bonus & once you have registered in this project then there are no targets or volumes! You only require to create your free account using your gmail ID in minutes & earn upto INR 60 per 1000 visits initiated through your short links.

To know more about Payslip please visit . For any query related to the project feel free to contact us on our toll-free number 1800 266 7246 or email us at [email protected] .


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