Ouo.io – Best Link Shortener to Earn Money

Ouo.io – Best Link Shortener to Earn Money


I have come up with a new method to earn money online. The process of creating this post is inspired by my past experience working on ouo.io as an affiliate marketer. At the first day, I learned about ouo.io. I think you already know what Ouo is but if not read the below blog post which will tell you everything you need to know about "Ouo.io – Make Money With Sharing Links".

Do You Know How To Earn More Money By Sharing Your Original Contents?

If no then read this article till end where i am going to share some tricks which you can use for generating extra income from your content. Earlier people used to make money by displaying ads on their website or blogs but now it's very difficult to drive traffic on your website. So, i have come up with a new idea to make money with affiliate marketing using Ouo.io link shortener service which is already explained in the above mentioned blog post.

If you are really serious about making big bucks online then read my below points carefully.

1.) First of all signup for ouo.io and install their chrome plugin to shorten links before sharing them on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus etc. After that whenever any user visit's your profile they will see "Link Details" page having list of shortened links along-with stats related to each URL shared by you which include total clicks, visitors location details, Browser details etc.

2.) Now find some good contents on high traffic websites like YouTube, Google news etc. and share them with your friends or community members on social media sites. The best thing is that you can use any language to create content but it should be unique for getting 100% originality score. So, before sharing the link make sure that you have added details about your location in the website URL field which will give you more organic views from across the world.

3.) I think i don't need to tell you about how important is having backlinks for improving search engine ranking of your website/blog because there are already plenty of articles written by experts on this topic , so instead of repeating their advice i would like to let you know that every user who visit's your profile after clicking on shared link will be counted as a backlink if they like your content.

4.) Your earned money will be transferred to your paypal account within 2-3 business days via ouo.io affiliate transfer system only if you have earned $1 or more. The best thing I like about ouo is that it's not like other popular link shortening services like bitly, adfly etc. which earn money by displaying ads on their website but ouo share 80% of income with its users just for sharing links and that too without doing any hard work. If you don't believe me check proof section below where i have posted screenshots of my earnings proof from ouo.io which you can verify by visiting this link .

5.) Most importantly ouo is already partnered with large companies like eBay, bookmyshow ,Myntra etc. to promote their offers and services which you can subscribe by visiting this page . According to my experience while promoting ebay deals i got 20% of total sale value as an affiliate marketer which is pretty good for short time period. So, if you are looking for a platform where you can make money online then Ouo is best place designed especially keeping newbies in mind who want to build their career in affiliate marketing without doing hard work on blogs or websites.

As I told above the process of making money using ouo is very simple but keep one thing in mind that your earnings may vary depends upon traffic on your shared links. So, signup now using this link and share this article with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc. to make them aware of ouo.io money making opportunity.

Addition Tips for Making More Money

1.) If you are driving organic traffic on your links then Ouo will give you more earnings as compare to others because it already has large user availability in different countries which means that company will pay you commission even if someone visits your profile just for taking a look at it . That's pretty awesome right!!!

2.) You can also earn good bucks by promoting either eBay or Myntra Deal/Offers because i have tried all the deals websites present on ouo platform but i got highest affiliate income from Myntra. That's why i would like to recommend you all to promote this link because it really works in improving your earnings .

3.) If you are driving referral traffic on your links then it will be very helpful for both of us because even if someone visits my profile using your ref link then company will pay me commission for that user and in return you will also get 10% commission from my earning . So, just signup using this link and start sharing links to make more money online with ouo.io .

4.) Now the most important thing is double opt-in feature which means that when ever anyone visit's any of your shared links they have to verify their email id by clicking on verification email sent by ouo platform

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