Ouo.io (3rd Top URL Shortener) # matchurl

Ouo.io (3rd Top URL Shortener) # matchurl


The Ouo.io is the 3rd Top URL Shortener All Over the World according to AppRaisin''s recent article, and a well-known website for shortening links using your CryptoCurrency Wallet Address.


Ouo.io currently supports Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE). In an ideal world, every user should have one of each coin in his/her wallet after owning Ouo.io address to be able to send BTC, LTC or DOGE from it. The minimum pay-out threshold for this platform is 5 Satoshi which you can see at official site's Dashboard. According to their official Site they are also considering adding more Cryptocurrencies to their platform.


If you want to create an account on Ouo.io, here is the link - https://ouo.io/2ISmBga . If you need any help with creating your account there or if you are interested in more technical Information about the Ouo.io then you should follow this link - https://ouo.io/mYjdU2 .


You can check their official site for more knowledge here - https://ouo.io/s/TcMnWuy . For any technical assistance or if you need any help with creating your account, you should send an e-mail to [email protected] . Or use the contact form on their website for direct communication with them.

Ouo is currently available in English language only but they are considering adding other languages too soon, so keep visiting this space for more updates! You can also contact them by using contact us page on their Official Site.

Here's the part of their Terms and Conditions you should know before using their services:


Important Note - whenever you will submit a link or try to shorten it on Ouo.io then they will ask you to pay as much as 1 Satoshi as transaction fee, so that your links won't be stuck forever in the system without being shortened! Also note that if your transaction is stuck with more than 50 confirmations for past six hours, then there's a chance they'll remove the url from list and not shorten/send it to its destination. And lastly if after clicking on your link, a new window opens up with "Bad Gateway" message then check the status of your coin at this website - https://bitcoinfees.21.co/ .

If your transaction hasn't enough fee at all then you'll get "Not Enough Fee" message, so it's better to increase up the amount of Min. Transaction Fee you want to pay at Ouo.io Dashboard or wait for few minutes before making another attempt for link shortening if your links need fast confirmation time!

But yes remember one thing that if there are too many back and forth between their system and blockchain network due to bad connectivity than their servers may not be able to handle it which can increase your waiting time exponentially! Have patience with this platform - it is re-writing its code every day so expect some bugs too while using them, but they'll fix it soon because there are professionals working on this project who developed this platform in just one month!

Here are few features of Ouo.io that you may like:

·          Minimum Pay-out - 5 Satoshi (0.0000005 BTC)

·          Instant Payments to Coin Wallet (No Waiting Time, No Check Delays)

·          No Abuse Allowed on Their Network - If you use much high amount of traffic than allowed by their network then there's a chance they'll ban your account without any refund or notice if your wallet address contains abusive or racist words etc.

·          They support almost every CryptoCurrency currently available on the Market, so don't worry about Cryptocurrencies compatibility with their system at all because they've got you covered!

·          They've got 4 Languages (Specially Designed for Non-English Viewers) - English, Spanish, Russian and Indonesian. If you want translation in your language then contact them via email or by using their contact form on their official website to help them add your Preferred Language too because there are only few members of Ouo.io who can speak other languages apart from these four (including English). And yes they can also make you an Admin if you like to be one after contacting them!

·    Most Visited Link category is Top Sites which has around 300+ legitimate sites listed in it because anyone can submit his/her site to get Traffic at the beginning so that's why top sites looks very promising and it's also getting more popular day-by-day.

·    The Other Categories of Ouo.io are Top Countries, Social Sites, Video and Images that has an enormous amount of traffic all over the network and you can even create your own Custom Category if you like to!

You may not see any ads on the site... Don't worry they have a CPM Advertising System so as soon as they get Publishers around 100+ for this round then there will be listings available ASAP at their system - Just Contact them first before applying to help them list you first in your preferred category because if not done so then another Publisher can take your place or there might be other issues with listings which is out my hands, but I'll advise them personally to list you on your preferred category (CPM Referral Link).

·          Here's how their CPM Advertising System works - You get minimum of $0.0015 per 1000 Views at their system which is pretty good for new publishers, but if you have more than 100.000 Min Impressions Per Day then you can contact them directly to get Tags and Categories listed on your Channel/Blog/Websites!

·          Facebook Fake Profile Links are not allowed so don't use it otherwise they'll blacklist your link permanently without any prior notice or warning! And yes there might be some accounts who may like using same email addresses at different sites so if your account gets blocked due to too many

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