One of the best URL shortening services from

One of the best URL shortening services from

10.Oct.2021 has provided a service with shortening links for English, Russian and users from the CIS countries.


This service is very popular in Russia and Ukraine because of its features such as:

The process of using рlс

1) You need to provide your email address to register on the site рlс

2) After entering the email address, we click "Go!" and immediately get a confirmation code by e-mail with which we can confirm our registration in the system (we press on the confirmation link in the letter). 3) After registering, we go to, create a new shortened link and copy the link generated by the system.

4) In the same tab, we write a comment and press "Publish"

5) In another browser tab automatically open a page with short link where you can see statistics on the number of clicks for this link, as well as a hyperlink to the website .


This is how it works!

In shorten links, but there are some differences from our site: 1) does not have any limitations on the length of URLs - they can be up to 100 kilobytes long; 2) After clicking the shortened link in opens at the specific address - not in a different window; 3) In is still a captcha, but it does not work automatically.


Our service is one of the best and popular for its simplicity and benefits, free registration and many other features that makes our shortening service most efficient and comfortable!


Really, there are some differences from the site-that we do not use captchas to prevent spam on your website, while at рlс there's such restriction (although you can add up to 100 kilobytes long link). Another difference: плсurl.ру opens shortened links in a new window, while opens in the same window.

What is a link shortener and what it is used for

A link shortening services allow you to hide a large number of characters in a very short one-time address, which is often referred to as a shortened URL or simply shortened link. Such links are created using special services called "shorteners". Often they can be found at the bottom of the articles on different sites, where users write comments. In fact, these links lead not directly to other sites - their main task is tracking the statistics traffic from social networks and various forums ... [ARTICLE END]

One of our site's features is a "shortened link open in a new window" - this option is very accessible and convenient, long links long as 100 kb can be shortened by our service.

In general, there are many popular shortening services, but not all those who manage to become leaders in the market. For example, if you use your own shortener you will need to pay for the traffic that visitors spend on it from advertising or other referral tools. In addition, such an address may have drawbacks: It's hard to remember and not so comfortable to use. We also provide statistics on visits to the site via a shortened link, where we can see how many views page had within one hour after publication of the link.

In addition, we suggest using shortening service from our site - it's very convenient and easy to use! You can also check it on your own website, taking a small piece of code at the bottom of this page:


Why Shortened Links Are Important For Your Business? is a free service that allows you to shorten every possible URL . Besides, all shortened links are absolutely free – there aren’t any hidden charges or sections which you need to pay. However, as far as I know not all shortened urls services such as work without fees which makes them even more valuable.

Shortened links are important for your business on the Internet, because they make it possible to hide long website addresses and replace them with short ones that work like magic pills. A person can easily share such link (no matter where he found it) via several social networks or send it by e-mail. If you shorten urls using service you will get more visitors on your website ... [ARTICLE END] This is not a recommended way of advertising, but if you have an interesting content, this small piece of text could be very helpful!

1). shortened URLs are so popular among users

2). URL link is stored forever in our database

3). You do not need any additional tools to shorten long links

4). No third-party registration is required

5). You can get statistics of where your site visitors are coming from

6). By the way, we have a free shortener for you!



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