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Musicjet # Matchurl



- Matchurl paid url shortener best url shortener


You can use Musicjet to create and manage single or multiple smart pages from your single dashboard. You will also get various music artist related smart domains. You can also use our custom link tool that works way better than Google URL builder . It is easy, simply choose the domain you would like to go to and enter your destination text, then click to save it. Also check out the keywords of the songs in Spotify API for free . This custom link generator can help you get more downloads for iTunes, AmazonMP3, etc., with just 1 simple step.

- Matchurl paid url shortener best url shortener

This is the simplest Match URL generator and the most successful alternative to lengthy, complicated and expensive URL building software. Matchurl lets you create and manage smart links for your music marketing campaigns - just enter the link you want to convert into a Match URL, choose one of our 45 domains to go to and click on 'Match It!' . Match URLs also come with detailed statistics so that you can see which domain is converting better than others for your campaign. You can even put multiple keywords in your destination URL or track them separately to customize how they work for individual songs.***Music

Jet lets you allow you to create smart links for music marketing. It will enable you to create and manage single or multiple smart pages from your single dashboard. You will also get various music artist related short domains. This custom link shortener for free tool also allows you to manage one or more artist smart pages from your single dashboard.

The MusicJet app is a web-based platform that combines the power of Matchurl with an innovative Music Marketing Platform which uses what they call SmartPages™, MatchURLs™ and MatchIDs™ in order to provide marketers and musicians with a powerful integrated suite of tools and management features that can be used to �drive traffic and �convert listeners into fans who become customers.� They understand that "Smart URLsTM" are traffic magnets that attract visitors and " MatchIDsTM" provide the unique data to your smart URLs for increased targeting. MatchID™ is a proprietary MusicJet technology that enables them to identify both fans and customers of all MatchURLs™ across every social media network.


·         Custom Link Management – Create, manage and track custom links from a single dashboard or multiple dashboards for various campaigns

·    Unlimited Links – There is no limit on the number of Matchurls you can have associated with one band account. For example, you could have a link for each album, tour, event or product with a different short URL/long url combo for each link..

·    MatchURLs – MatchURLs are smart URLs for music marketing and they can be used to drive traffic and convert listeners into fans who become customers.

·    MatchIDs – MatchID is a proprietary MusicJet technology that enables them to identify both fans and customers of all Matchurls across every social media network.

·    Social Sharing – Keep your fans informed about new developments such as shows, product releases etc. And keep them coming back by sharing your latest posts with them via Facebook or Twitter - automatically!

·         Auto-Tweet – Update Facebook and/or Twitter with each MatchURL post: either manually, by setting times you want posts made, or by using the RSS feeds sent directly from your blog.

·    Matchbook – Matchbook is a service that allows you to create and manage MatchIDs from one simple dashboard. This means that for each MatchURL, you can now collect even more info on those who visit your links! A MatchID widget will be placed on every page where any of your Matchurls are listed, allowing you to gather critical information about visitors. It will then aggregate this data into reports that are based upon the number of times a MatchID was associated with each domain.

For example, if someone visits your MatchURL via Facebook, they'll be tagged as part of the group of people who also visited your MatchURL via Twitter. With this method, MusicJet is able to establish what music fans are interested in by MatchID (i.e., Facebook likes/groups, Twitter followers, etc), where they're from, and what MatchURLs attracted them to your site.

·    Matchtags – MatchTags are a proprietary MusicJet interface that allows you to measure engagement with each MatchURL across multiple social media networks. You can see how many times a MatchTag was �liked� or retweeted on Facebook and shared on Twitter as well as the number of visitors who clicked through from these posts.

·    Targeting – The platform has geo-targeting for smart URLs so you can promote events in specific locations or target people by country or city, age range and gender. You can also create audience lists based upon your past MatchURL campaigns.

·    MatchID Analytics – MatchIDs are displayed on the Matchbook and Matchtags interfaces, letting you see how many times MatchIDs were viewed or shared across social media networks. This data can be used to assess campaign performance and tweak future campaigns for maximum exposure.

·    MatchAnalytics – A service that provides music artists with a complete breakdown of who visited their MatchURL/s over a designated time period. The process is easy: the link to your most recent MatchURL post is automatically emailed to you each day at a pre-set time along with an analysis of the visitors who clicked through from Facebook and Twitter. You can track traffic from other MatchURLs by entering customised short URLs into the email request. These reports are available on an hourly, daily or weekly basis.

·    MatchDMG – MatchDMG is a service that enables you to create links for distribution across all your social media profiles. MatchDMG will automatically generate custom MatchURLs for each individual song/video on your new album and these links will be posted to Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You can also enter specific hashtags so fans can engage with everything in one place; alternatively, if you're touring or selling products then MatchDMG lets you choose which cities/countries/venues you want the campaign targeted at.

MatchDMG has many benefits including: no need to maintain multiple social media accounts; dispersion of MatchURL posts across the most

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