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All the links in your site will be unique, but short.

So you can:

1) Improve SEO of your site by change the structure of links;

2) Boost CTR and get a more precise analysis of users' behavior;

3) Increase the number of easy to remember links for better engagement and sharing on social networks;

4) Customize link texts to increase search engine optimization (SEO).

This attribute is especially important if you are an affiliate marketer who promote products/services on various websites or even through other marketing channels such as email campaigns, instant messenger etc. For example, let's say one of your promotions is on your website. Instead of creating every link with the same text, you can create unique links so that they are shorter and more memorable for your users. In this way, there is no overlap between your links within the same site or even on different sites as long as you shorten them using MatchURL.


Article summary: No. 1 URL shortener that allows you to customize the Link Text and Domain Name; in addition, you can redirect them either to any page or a file such as image/PDF etc on a remote server. The system also supports Branded Domains/Domains with custom redirects, (another) Advanced Tracking System & Powerful Reporting Tools. You will also have access to Premium Analytics Features, Link Rotator, Team Members and more.


Article background information [to use as knowledge, not to be copied verbatim]: MatchURL one of the best Premium URL shortener in the world for affiliate marketers and agencies. It provides advanced tracking system, Realtime Clicks, Targeting Tools, Branded Domains, Redirection Types, Link Rotator, Tracking Pixels, Team Members, advanced analytical features. It also provides paid membership.

11) Title : 5 Reasons you shouldn't use TinyPass – AffiliatePushTalk

Article intro: TinyPass had been one of the most popular URL shorteners amongst bloggers and affiliate marketers because they offer a free service which does not limit number of links or tracking. But is it really worth using it?

Article summary: We looked at this question and found out that there are 5 reasons why you should NOT use TinyPass for your link tracking, here they are: 1) You have no way to track re-shares; 2) They do not provide full analytics reports; 3) If you earn more than $2,000 in affiliate commissions, they will charge you with 15% fee ; 4) Their services always go offline e.g. during the holidays (e.g. Christmas & New Year) etc; 5) Their free plan doesn't allow you to track any links.

Bellow in more details:

1) You have no way to track re-shares: Before Tinypass was bought by Bitly, it used to be a standalone URL shortener, but after being acquired by Bitly, the service is soon going to change for the worse. According to an email response of theirs (we emailed them 3 times inquiring why they do not allow users to see analytics from social media shares), they will tell you that this is a function of their new system and that all developers are working on it. However, I don't believe this since when does a legitimate business hide a major feature from its users? This is just an excuse to get you to upgrade your plan, which brings me to the 2nd reason why you should NOT use TinyPass for link tracking.


2) They do not provide full analytics reports: Even if we assume that their "developers" are still working on the analytics function, how is it acceptable for a service not to provide any data at all? Let's say in 1 month your affiliate link collected 30 commissions (combined), no matter what conversions or other metrics they have measured, we will never know because there's no way to see them.

As of now, Tinypass does not give users access to useful information such as Unique Clicks and Bounce Rates and after our third unanswered email inquiry about this issue to their support, we decided to write this article. We will keep updating it as we get more information on this subject.

The reason for not providing any data should be because, obviously, they can sell you a plan that allows you access to them and the higher the plan the more expensive it gets.

Now let's move onto the 3rd reason.

3) If you earn more than $2,000 in affiliate commissions, they will charge you with 15% fee: Your earnings are only worth paying if they at least show us how many visits and unique click our link received and have accurate tracking of percentages of direct click vs social shares but until then there is no point in using TinyPass for affiliate marketing links. However, let us assume that we upgrade to the plan that gives us access to analytics. There is a catch here too, in order to request for a manual pay out (after you've reached $2,000 of earnings), they will charge you with 15% fee!


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