make money with: P.PW

make money with: P.PW


How to Make Money from P.PW ?

You have all ready been paid a variety of times for a variety of web sites and companies, however what about a cash paying website that won't cost you anything to begin earning cash with? Here is your one stop solution, Propeller Ads!

It's quite easy. All you have to do is click on the propeller ads at the top right hand corner of your screen whenever you are online.

Then wait until it says "you now have $0.45", which means you now have enough money to send an email or buy something (if there was something available). Click on either  button and follow instructions. It's very simple. You will soon be able to purchase different items like cars, computers and daily deals.

The more propeller ads you click on the more cash you will make, which means more deals that can be purchased! This is not a scam or anything like that so don't be afraid to try it out.

There rate they payout changes depending your country but in US it's $5 per 1000 views where-as in Canada its $4 for same 1000 views & India $3 & South Africa $2. There are countries where it pays even less than this but technically speaking if you managed to earn any amount then that's good because each time P.PW is willing to pay up to 70% of what an advertiser is paying them. So considering they'll pay you $3 to $4 per 1000 views you'll actually be earning $1 to $2.

That's right, if you don't trust it then just try it out for yourself because this is the only way to know.

So let's assume that your aim is to make $50 per day (which might even be impossible) by just clicking on propeller ads and not bothering about anything else. You can accomplish this by spending around 1 hour every day to click on the ads online. Now there are days when P.PW won't have any advertiser due to which you won't earn anything but there may also be days where you may make up to nearly $100 or more depending on how many advertisers they have (which is not controllable).

Once you've reached your goal it's time for you to think about converting the money into real cash. Of course, you might want to buy more stuff online but why do that when there are so many other ways? You can choose whether or not you want to convert the cash P.PW pays you into cash which you prefer (i.e. Neteller, PayPal etc.).

So now if somebody asks how to make money with P.PW then your answer would be very simple: just visit propellerads and click on ads! It isn't hard after all is it? Once again Propeller Ads is paying up to 70% of what an advertiser is paying so its up to $3 to $4 per 1000 views.

Are you ready to start earning cash with Propeller Ads then visit now!

P.S. Don't forget about the $5 minimum withdrawal limit! If you can't withdraw anything yet try getting some free clicks, they really help!

------------END OF ARTICLE----------- As of January 2014 this article received more than 5000 views making it one of our most popular articles on PTPW ! It shows that there is a real demand for information how to make money with PPTW and using nothing but their own free platform supported by advertisers. This earned us over $500 through adsense revenues only (a lot less than the actual revenue due to adblock etc.).

Tech background information [to use as knowledge, not t...

Several years ago I updated this post with notes on some of the challenges with using PPTW to earn cash thru clicking ads. One example is that they've reduced their pay rates so it's harder for anyone starting out to reach payout and even if you do, you need a larger amount like $5 before payment will be made (it used to be easier). This also means there might be limited options for converting your PP balance into cash unless you already have lots of clicks banked up (larger balance = larger payouts).

The PPTW topic is still around but much less popular than it used to be, not necessarily because of the above issue but rather due to several recent updates that were made by Propeller Ads (the company behind this platform) rendering their platform unusable (like disabling registration which you need in order to earn anything thru PPTW). The alternative options for making money thru clicking ads are now better and I would advise considering those instead. Here's the original post:

PropellerAds Review - How To Make Money With Propeller Ads? I know many people look at various GPT programs available online, hoping they'd find one where they can make good money with almost no effort. I know that, because it happened to me - I used to spend time on these GPT programs hoping eventually one of them would let me earn good money while doing almost nothing...

Anyway, I happened upon this program today and decided to give it a try because the payouts are very high (as in $100+ per referral) should you decide to upgrade your account so I'm hoping this will be possible with the help of other PTPW members. More about PropellerAds down below but first here's my income disclaimer: The income reports reflect what has been going on in my household; however, yours may differ due to different hours worked by each person (if any), different family situations, etc. My reports only provide the data I am personally seeing, thus should not be considered as an indication of what you can or will earn. This disclaimer also applies to any other GPT site on this blog.

Hi guys, today I want to talk about Propeller Ads which is one of the most popular online programs where people can make money by viewing ads and clicking them. Many people already know about PropellerAds because it has been around for quite some time now (years) but there are still many newbies who don't so here's everything you need to...

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