make money with: OUO.IO

make money with: OUO.IO


It is good time to begin making cash online. There are many ways to earn money on-line, but no web site can pay you if you do not take the time and put work into it. First, I will explain different options for making cash on-line and also how this works with After that, I will share with you my story about how I started making cash at


You can make money online with in many ways, however the easiest way to begin would be to create your own web site or blog and drive traffic (visitors) to it. You can even do this by using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You will need to add affiliate links (for example buy hosting on BlueHost for $3.95 per month + link) and by doing this you will generate commission.

So, if somebody clicks on your affiliate link and buys anything from that site; you get a percentage of that sale (commission).


I will share some examples of sites that do this. If you want to know all the answers, read on because I have listed a few options below: is a web site which pays you for views too. You can make money on by watching videos and clicking on affiliate links from them.


I started earning money online when I was in college and had a lot of free time. I wanted to earn money without investing too much, so this is how I got started with

how much you can earn with pays $1 for 1000 unique visitors (viewers and not just visitors) and $0.5 for 1000 different views (views after your traffic is sent from another site). pays every week via PayPal or Payoneer.

So to make a better understanding, let's take an example:

I start my own web site and add affiliate banner in my blog. My affiliate link is for example buy hosting on BlueHost for $3.95 per month + link, so my visitors click on it and buy anything from bluehost via my affiliate banner.

For 1000 unique viewers I get paid $1 by, but I get only 50 cents for 1000 different views because they are not direct views to that banner or link on my site, but after being sent somewhere else.

How much you can earn? It totally depends on your niche and number of visitors you have. If you have more targeted traffic, then you will make more money with this web site too since their payout charges are flat rate (payout fee is always the same).

If you create your own web site, your earning can be from $100 to 1000s of dollars per month. This is the potential if you have a good niche and quality content on your web site or blog.

How much do I earn with ouo?

When you click on affiliate links on my web site, for example buy hosting at BlueHost for $3.95 per month + affiliate link, then I get 50 cents for 1000 different views and one dollar for 1000 unique viewers/visitors because it is a flat rate payout charge by Of course this is not a lot of money, but every money counts! It will depend on you what kind of earnings you make in order to live well or how much extra cash you want to make.

I hope this article was helpful and answered all your question about how to make money at If you want to know more tips on how to earn cash online, then check out my other articles about it:

If you want to share your story or give me some feedback, then post a comment below. I wish you good luck with making cash online!


OUO is an online video marketing platform where advertisers publish their ads and viewers watch them in order to get paid for viewing the ads. The company takes 15% of the revenue generated by paying viewers and gives 80% of that revenue (or 13% overall) to users who watched these ads while being logged into OUO account. For example, if a user watches a 30-seconds ad and gets paid $1, then the company will take 15% i.e. $0.15 and the user will get paid $0.85 for that particular ads plus possible referral commission; in case if their friend signs up under them and starts viewing ads then they will earn additional income from that as well."

OUO pays you per 1000 views (if you click on affiliate links) and also has flat payout charges so you can make some extra cash online with it if your viewers don't cancel their account quickly after they sign-up.

I think this web site is best to drive traffic from USA, United Kingdom and various European countries because they have higher paying rates than other countries:

Australia - $0.15 and for other countries is $0.1 (10 cents). pays:

- per 1000 unique views: $1.00;

- per 1000 different views: $0.50; payout charges are flat! So people from any country can make money with ouo, but they will get more income if their viewers stay longer on the web site and interact with them (viewing ads instead of just stopping next to some ad or quitting before it finishes) or sign up under you as a coach because then you will receive referral commission too which depends on their tier level who signed up under you and how much he earns etc...

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