Make Money With:

Make Money With:


Earn money from shortening links with . is the primary url shortener on this planet that pays you good money for making and promoting quick hyperlinks.

They pay you once a person clicks a link to go to a website page, not everytime it's republished by yet another user or when one particular individual clicks it. You can make cash by shortening your affiliate hyperlinks, creating website page URLs etc.

You earn money everytime a person clicks on your shortened url to go to the original link along with each time that url is clicked yet again.

Earnings are credited to Your account right after 60 seconds of clicking the link.

Other URL shorteners like, and Tinyurl do not pay their users for clicking on the links they make; only pays for this!

You can make money by generating links even when you are offline as well as whenever your internet is out.

You need to have a minimum of 10,000 satoshi before you will be paid via your wallet for the money being credited in your account. is a primary sponsor of a ton of high rated web sites & applications so their short urls are quickly available pretty much everywhere you go online.

You make a decision the price which you would like to promote your links for, they will offer it to their alliance network of web sites & apps by supplying them with a range of cost per click prices they can purchase from for any given day.

You can begin earning money by creating and marketing links on the internet site that you simply own or any other web sites, forums & social networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr etc.

They will be posting your link on their huge advertising community consisting of , click bank and maxbounty affiliated websites very frequently so what ever strategy you have for making profits with , it's going to function!

It is very important that you should be identified as a 'Publisher' though creating hyperlinks so people can trust your link and click on it.

You will get the possibility to increase the value of each short url by utilizing hashtags or including a phrase in the end of your hyperlink that you think will increase its popularity. offers a strong list of affiliate networks and web sites where they allow their publishers to advertise links so if you do not have a site or social networking page, even simply incorporating your link on forums can make you money!

You can also promote your hyperlinks on YouTube by including them in the video description box.

You can even earn more money from each of these links by utilizing their affiliate networks to promote the short urls for them! is an additional service provided by which assists you create customized email forms, rotators and banners that you can use to promote a link on a web site or social networking site. They have a big variety of templates readily available for your use.

You will have the ability to earn money from sites even though you are offline as well as whenever your internet is down too!

As an affiliate, you can add your link in every one of the web pages and also to all your e-mails so people can go back to it anytime they want to purchase something from the original URL.

Each referral that clicks on your link and purchases anything will bring you a $1 bonus! is a huge community of publishers and visitors, together they can make focused traffic that will drive good sales for your online business.

You can easily promote your links on banners and e-mails at no cost or you can purchase advertisements from ad networks or sponsor portals to place them everywhere, starting from website web pages to social networking sites.

You get a cool option to be paid by Bitcoin! When you have a free account, you can go into your wallet and withdraw the money in Bitcoins which you have generated by then advertising short urls online.

The referral program will help you generate more income from individuals that sign up using your link, they will earn you $0.015 for each day! You can earn even more money by developing a website and having other people publish their referral links on it!

You can purchase banners, rotators and e-mails to promote links which you will receive an affiliate commission from the purchases that are generated.

You can access promo tools for a totally free by going to their official website and registering! works under a pay per click structure means the amount your ad will be viewed will be based on how much you are prepared to invest in it! But don't worry, they have very cheap max bid prices and it is really great for marketers & vloggers. has a huge list of partner web sites where you can put your short links and trust me, if they get clicked on that ad then you will get paid! Their flexible targeting system provides different types of places to promote your short url from trending posts on web pages, to banners and social media posts.

The system does not restrict its users from using the referral program so you can refer your buddies & family members to publish their own links too!

I have been working with for a long time now and I did not ever get any spam or junk mail from them! is running a referral program for their publishers where they will pay you to invite others to join and start publishing links.

You can create an account on using your Facebook, Twitter or Google+ account but if you don't want that then it is possible to sign up using your e-mail address only.

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