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share with you a lot of information that may help  someone on this planet change the way he thinks  
change his mentality maybe change his  life and start building an online business  
making money online even if you are still a  student in college in high school or in university  
so thank you again Pavan my friend just before we  start in 30 seconds who is my friend Pavan Sriram  
he is the head of international projects based on  Oslo he studied and worked in more than five or  
six countries and he traveled over 42 countries  worldwide really this is very interesting  
i hope someday i can do something similar and  travel all over the globe also he has a youtube  
channel he's a youtuber and he can help you  if you are interested in finding scholarships  
care opportunities and all related stuff so if you  are interested go now to my description you will  
find the link to his youtube channel go subscribe  and follow him and support him he is really a  
great guy so that's it let's start now if you have  any questions anything you want to share with us  
please don't forget comment them below i will be  more than happy to answer almost every question  
almost every day so let's start so like in  2013 i was working in a company as a network  
administrator by the way my background is computer  science i'm a programmer and mainly i do some  
server stuff network stuff and so on okay so i was  working as an employee in a company as a network   
administrator and i thought about changing my  life about going online and doing something online  
so i started developing an application a software  and i want to sell it online so i did that like i  
spent like one year developing the application  it's a small application about compressing  
and optimizing files and so on anyway so i  published the application online on my website  
i developed a website i published it but the  main problem is nobody knows about the website  
only me knows about the website so i have no  traffic uh i didn't know anything about digital  
marketing how we promote how this stuff works  and so on so at that point i started thinking  
on how i can promote my website how i can  get traffic how i can get visitors and so on  
so at that moment i start searching about digital  marketing reading online taking courses on udemy  
and outside udemy and so on anyway like from 2014  to 2016 it was about research and testing only  
i didn't do anything online and in 2016 i was in  the class in my university and my professor said,  
talked about udemy and being an instructor  online so somehow he inspired me in teaching  
something online so i went back home  and i thought about a topic i can teach  
so what i know is about programming languages  security networks and so on technical stuff  
so i really created a course i got i opened  powerpoint i wrote some, designed some slides  
and recorded it i wrote the script and so on and  i created a course like one hour about securing  
programming applications and so on about  securing the applications so i published the  
course on udemy and i was shocked in the first  24 hours i get like two sales i was very happy  
i thought it works like this so i thought  like in the first month i would make like 500  
maybe doing nothing just sitting  at home like passive income  
but it was not like that so i didn't i didn't  get any sales after that day so the first month  
i remember this was like 70 dollars revenue  on udemy it's nothing yet it's nothing so
i thought about creating more courses so i  said if i create like two or three or five  
courses and each one gives me like 100  bucks per month it's good let's try it 
Pavan: yeah so i did that i created like three or four courses  
and to sum up one of the courses like uh bumped up  on udemy so there was no competitors in this topic  
by chance really by chance i didn't do a  competitive research or i didn't do anything  
by chance this topic was unique on udemy  so i got a lot of sales on this course  
because it's unique and udemy promoted it  so this gives me some motivation and gives  
me that push to create more courses more content  and start and do more work online okay so that's  
the main point in my journey online it's about  starting on udemy mainly then i wanted to scale up  
my business and create more courses but  it was about promoting outside udemy  
the main problem that instructors on udemy face is  they publish the course and they forget about it  
so this is really very important you have to  think always as a freelancer as a instructor  
anything or working online you have to rely  on your own marketing also you have to grow  
outside the platforms so as a freelancer on  fiverr as an example you publish your gigs  
you may get some clients you may not you must  focus on growing outside fiverr so create your  
portfolio do some private freelancing tasks create  your website go to quora social media and so on  
so growing outside the platform is one key point  to being successful in freelancing or on udemy  
so this is what made me create a youtube channel  mainly is to promote my udemy courses this was the  
main point here so i create tutorials related  to my courses so in this way i can promote my  
courses and grow outside udemy and build my own  audience and i published content like i started on  
my channel i published like two or three videos  but i didn't have a plan for my content so and  
at that day i didn't have that knowledge or much  topics to talk about so this also made me go and  
take a lot of courses read a lot of articles and  research about topics i can do videos about so at  
that point i started like watching a lot of videos  or playing a lot of courses about a certain topic  
then i create like four or five videos about  it so i sum up them and create a video about it  
in a way i think it's simpler than the course in a  simple way then i wanted to move next and started  
creating case studies so i thought about testing  things and showing what i'm testing to people  
i think this way i can help them more so they  can see my mistakes and see where i succeeded so  
they can clone my success in a way this is where i  started testing like facebook ads i remember like  
three years ago i spent like ten thousand dollars  on facebook ads testing and i think i lost them  
all but i'm not sad about that it's experience  you are learning here so this is why today in  
2020 i'm starting a facebook course by the way  i started like two or three weeks ago publishing  
about facebook ads after three or four years  of learning it so i always make sure to learn  
something test it and see if it really works then  i publish this content i think this is the key  
of my uniqueness and my channel i don't publish  something that i didn't test this is mainly the  
main key here so if you maybe check my affiliate  marketing videos it's all about something i did  
i tested it like for one month or two months i  did this campaign this campaign and you can just  
see what i did and the clone the idea in your own  system or your own business this is the idea of my  
channel or my content uniqueness so this is how i  started it was from developing a small application  
to sell it i was shocked with no visitors  then i start my digital marketing training and  
research about this stuff and this today in 2020  thanks god i have a successful business online  
coming to a note like who is Hassan like what's  been your uh kind of mantra to kind of keep moving  
because as you talked about in the initial stages  it's very few people kind of the audience is very  
you have product but audience is a big challenge  it has been really kept you going and who is Hassa  
in person i am Hassan born in 1991 i'm 29 29  years old by the way i'll be 30 in february 2021  
so as i told you i'm a computer science student i  didn't have any knowledge about digital marketing  
by the way about the point that the main problem  now is promoting and not the product itself anyone  
can create a course even a good quality course  can create content but the main problem by the way  
now i am planning my new course about starting a  SAAS business this is the paper here i am planning  
the course right now uh do you know what is a  SAAS business yes i've done a couple of videos  
people talking about that yes yeah so anyway the  the publishing the service publishing the SAAS  
business is simple you can do it like in one hour  or two hours if i don't want to exaggerate or so  
so you can publish the service but no one will  know about your service except you you need to  
promote it so my main focus in this course is  to help people know how to start and promoting  
a business from scratch from nothing they don't  have any audience they don't have anything  
because this is the main problem and people are  looking for a solution for this main problem  
i think that my point so anyway if if you want  to ask this question and how someone can start  
from scratch and promote a product or anything  for him or maybe affiliate products anything so  
before i tell you this before i answer  this question the main problem that  
everyone faces i get like on my instagram  every day like 50 dms private messages  
say Hassan "help us to make money online"  this this statement okay i will help you  
i want to help you but please listen or  watch some of my videos to learn the basics  
as an example let's say you want certain affiliate  marketing journey today you don't have anything  
you picked a product from clickbank or  whatever you have the affiliate link  
the main problem is to get traffic to this link  okay but you don't have any followings anything  
so simply simply you have to build this following  you have to do it the main problem of everyone is  
they don't start they say it's impossible i can't  do it how i will build 1000 email list or how i  
will get 1000 followers on instagram you can do  it just try and you will see that you can do it  
like building an email list of 1000 email  is very important you have 1000 subscribers  
following you you can promote anything but  people really i don't know why they don't do it  
they don't start i don't know why like in one  of my videos i showed them exactly how i built  
10,000 email list in one month for free with a  free lead magnet i give them something and i build  
my email list it's simple and how i got traffic  and so on but no one applies it i don't know why  
really so i think the main problem uh that  everyone faces or have is they don't start  
this number one secondly if they start if they  start let's say 10% started this work only 5% of  
those will be consistent will continue for like  one month or two months and on the first failure  
4% of this five we will still have only 1% will  continue you see this is the problem of anyone  
it's a business you are building a business  online it's like any business even offline you  
have to start work hard you need to promote it  you have to you have you need patience you need  
to be consistent you need to give everything  you have for this business you may you may  
maybe keep working for one year without any  revenue after one year you will start seeing  
the success of what you did in that one  year so i believe that the main problem  
is in myself is in yourself is everyone he must  think about yes he must say i want to start i  
want to change my life i want to do it so now you  have an instagram business account you don't have  
any follower how to go on instagram simply go and  publish consistent content that's simple no one  
will do it no one will do it go now and publish  a course on udemy and create a youtube channel  
and optimize your videos and you will get views  and you will get revenue on udemy no one will  
do it i don't know why this is the main problem i  think only 10% who does this will succeed 90% will  
fail because they didn't try or they tried like  for one week or one month and they got bored and  
they left that's simple again Pavan: yeah  
so this is the main idea i think in everyone  and by the way like in affiliate marketing  
last month i got maybe more than 100 emails and  messages telling us telling me sorry how we can  
start in affiliate what's the first step to start  so what i did is i created a video on my channel  
on how to start step by step as a total beginner  i created this video i get shocked nobody  
nobody's showing watch the video i don't know why  yeah even from those people i send them the link  
say please watch the video then ask any question  you want they don't watch it i there's something  
in the mentality you see so i think the problem  is not only in the business or how to start  
it's all it's also in the mentality of people  on because they they don't even try like  
yesterday someone told me "affiliate marketing is  impossible affiliate marketing is something very  
difficult and so on i can't do it..."  friend why you are shouting on yourself  
just try it and if you need help just ask me what  is your exact problem tell me they don't have  
an exact problem the problem is i think it's  psychological or something i don't know yeah
Pavan: yeah i think it's it's the same  case even where basically we're talking  
about scholarship people do not even try  because they think that they're not gonna  
get it so until you make an effort how would  you know i think this is exactly and i think  
in your youtube channel there is beginner  intermediate advanced courses for everything  
people just have to spend time they need to  be diligent enough to watch it very carefully  
apply it test it out but i think people just  want everything on the plate so that's a  
bigger challenge yeah they think maybe  if they watch a video like 10 minutes  
video and they apply it next day will  $1000 will be in their bank account
Pavan: yeah, quick fixes it's not like that you need to really  
hard work you need hard work patience consistency  at least at least i believe like six months  
one year to start seeing some some revenue  if you want to talk about money here so it  
really needs some patience yes and this is  the main problem i think everyone faces. 
Pavan: and what about your long-term plan like  what's next for you means you're doing something  
amazing and how are you keeping up with everyday  publication by the way? To sum up my business by  
the way uh working online i talk about this in  one of my videos is all about five strategies  
or five paths freelancing affiliate marketing  content creation online stores or digital store  
and a SAAS business or an online SAAS model  so today i run the five type of businesses  
by the way my team is small i am me and  my friend two friends only one in the  
us and one is here with me so we are only three  following up all these five businesses together  
i work like 10 or 12 hours a day by the way but  i'm happy it's something i love it's not yeah  
i'm not under pressure or something so mainly now  what's nice about affiliate and SAAS and building  
a "passive income funnel" i name it i call it a  "passive income funnel" so you create content and  
you link to your affiliate products  and your SAAS buisnesses and to your  
courses and your stuff and everything and this  content if you rank it on google and on youtube  
you will have a passive income funnel that works  automatically without doing anything so the hard  
work will be like the first year when you  want to publish content rank it when you  
want to create your courses create your content  publish things grow online and so on today after  
having like 80,000 subscribers on youtube i can  now publish any video it can reach at least 10,000  
person in the first 48 hours i can promote  anything i want and this is the power of building  
audience and building this strong business you  have audience on youtube you have your email list  
you have audience on quora you have followers on  udemy so it's connected together okay so i link my  
students from udemy to my academy from youtube to  my academy from my academy to my blog and so on so  
all works together yes it's really hard work but  i tell you every day 10 to 12 hours work per day  
i need to publish content every day on my social  profiles on my blog on my channel i want to create  
my new courses so but it's really then it will  be fun if you like it you will be happy while  
you are doing it about my business to go back  now my plan is to publish some more courses  
and specifically about working online so my  upcoming course by the way let's tell you this  
is the affiliate marketing course and this is the  SAAS business course and i have something about  
email business so it's all about how to  make someone start online from scratch
taking him to the first if you want to the first  revenue or the first profit for him the first  
month so this is my main point now how to help  someone to go from a to z in online business  
that's it so i have like four or five courses  now i hope i can publish in the next four or  
five months from now that's it for my academy and  publishing some more content on youtube and on my  
blog and so on that's my plans Pavan: yeah
it's all about content it's all about content
Pavan: sounds like an exciting plan and uh it's a  great work what you're trying to do and it's very  
inspiring for many of us and as i said i've  been inspired and i do watch a lot of your  
videos and apply to my day-to-day activities  so it's fantastic to see and talk to you today 
Hassan: thank you very much thank you Pavan: so thank you so much
it's been exciting to have you and it's great  the kind of content you're developing for people  
but in this discussion i wanted to bring upon  important topics specifically for students  
international students or students for mobile  there's always a constant struggle that how they  
actually can do this extra gig to earn some money  so that they can pay off their accommodation their  
living expenses while studying abroad or even  in general for studying itself and a lot of your  
content is for generally uh people who for having  a side gig and having uh extra income what's your  
recommendation in terms of five to six top online  jobs which people can commit to which can also  
give them extra income to have a smooth transition  when they're pursuing their studies abroad? 
Hassan: look honestly i believe that even if  someone like is 15 years old 16 years old how much  
old are your students that they are talking about? Pavan: like 18, they could even be a bachelors to  
postdoc or something so it  really doesn't uh matter the... 
Hassan: anyway anyway as i told you  the five main methods to work online  
are clear freelancing affiliate marketing  SAAS create content creation and online stores  
when we talk about students so they like  have one or two hours a day to work online  
as we said they have to work hard these two hours  so my little advice for them to start online  
number one is to dedicate always one hour  a day to learn just at least for the first  
month so we are talking about 30 hours i think  this 30 hours can change really their knowledge  
they change their life and talk about online  business so dedicate every day one hour to learn  
what they want to work in as  an example as a freelancer  
okay so i think the most common example  is freelancing like on fiverr or whatever  
for students but i believe they can also  work as affiliate marketers because affiliate
i think it's simpler on the long term it's  easier in the long term as a freelancer you  
have to do this job every time someone asks you  about it every time you get a client you have  
to do it an affiliate no you set up things and it  works automatically you see so the time i mean on  
the long term like after a couple of months if you  set everything correctly on the long term you will  
require less time in working so you can dedicate  the one hour always for learning something new i  
always focus on learning other than directly  working because it's very important really  
to to read to watch case studies to  see how things work really and just  
instead of wasting time doing by yourself  just go every day and learn something  
focus on one thing like for one week seven hours i  mean seven hours it's like two or three courses by  
the way on udemy or something so focus one  hour a day for one week to learn something  
to learn a skill maybe let's say a freelancing  okay let's take an example of freelancing on  
fiverr now a student a computer science student  okay i don't think a student has the ability to  
develop applications yet he is still learning  so what type of gigs or what type of services  
he can deliver to clients it depends from one  to another but let's say he can create logos as  
an example okay now we have a high competition  on fiverr and upwork or freelancer or whatever  
so what will make you unique is your service  itself is to give a unique service okay  
so i prefer if someone knows about logo design  or maybe video editing to take his skill to the  
next level to be special in his skill to  deliver something unique as a freelancer  
because now if you go to fiverr and search as an  example for logo design you will get thousands  
of people who can do it for you for maybe $5  so if you want to provide something especially  
as a beginner you don't have any reviews  anything you have to deliver something special  
and the most important thing i believe in is as  i told you before is to grow outside fiverr is  
to think about building your instagram profile  building social relations on social media i mean  
if you have time for a youtube channel it's  very important because people will know you  
will know about your work believe me every day  every day i open my inbox i get like three or  
five emails people asking for my services that  i don't provide i'm not delivering any i don't  
publish these services but they ask me for this  service because they watch my video about SEO or  
about email marketing or whatever ask me if they  can if they if i can help them in this service  
i say "Sorry i don't provide this i don't provide  this service" but this is how things work when you  
publish a video on youtube talking about your  skill or talking about anything and people love  
your content you will get clients even without  you without knowing you will get emails you'll get  
you'll attract people to your skills to your  services so i think it's very important it's  
a key point that to grow outside fiverr and  don't rely just post the gigs and wait like  
this for a client to come okay so maybe you'll  not get any one maybe you'll get one per week but  
it's not a business you have to think about  scaling and getting a stable revenue okay  
so as a student i think everyone has an instagram  so instead of wasting one hour just scrolling  
like this on instagram just do in this one  hour you can promote your business profile  
you can publish content about what you are doing  you can create as an example for logo designers  
they can create like 10 20 logos that they do and  publish on instagram publish on facebook create a  
free portfolio for on online whatever and by  the way everyone freelancers like students  
sometimes contact me tell me "hassan we don't  have money to host a portfolio or a website"  
this is why by the way like 10 days ago i  published a video telling them how to create a  
free portfolio i want to remove any excuse they  tell me you don't have any excuse just go and  
start create the portfolio publish your content  and start even i showed them how to create a  
free website everything for free just do it they  just i think they are giving excuses they don't  
believe in themselves i think there's a point also  they must believe that they can do it they must  
think that they can be successful like others but  it requires some patience i'm not telling you two  
years or three years some patients like one month  two months just try going on instagram try growing  
on linkedin try posting content try showing  yourself showing your work and then this way  
you can grow and let people know about you brand  awareness is very important it's it's a must if  
you want to be grown if you want to grow online so  i think just posting gigs on fiverr will never be  
successful and by the way on my channel i created  a video on how to promote the gigs i talk about  
as an example cold mailing which is one of the  best methods to promote anything when we say  
cold mailing i don't mean spamming of course  i mean cold mailing you know called mailing?
Pavan: yeah i've heard about  that but i've never used it
Hassan: yeah i explained that you can collect  like an email list of people who are interested  
in your service and cold mail them open a  discussion with them like you did with me you  
sent me an email it's a cold email by the way  i'm not your subscriber you sent me an email  
asking me if you can do this conversation i said  yes why not that's it you can provide me maybe a  
service you can tell me i provide seo services i  provide whatever services we can discuss and make  
a deal as an example yeah so cold mailiing  is also very important quora is also very  
important i always take a minute to talk about  quora because i tested it it's very important  
quora is the main key in quora is it's very  strict or it's very precise you are targeting  
people who are asking questions they want a  solution for their problems so you are giving  
them the solution and this is very important  so it's very specific to target people on  
quora answer them they will love to ask you then  later in this way and build relations with people  
and then maybe refer them to your email later  and then open of a conversation and promote your  
service and so on so there we are in 2020 today we  have a very high competition but at the same time  
you can do it you anyone can do it if they work  correctly if they do some work if they have some  
patience to do it that's the main point so if  you want to sum up how to be successful on fiverr  
is to deliver a great service and to  grow outside fiverr you have to focus  
on growing outside fiverr because it's a key to be  successful as a freelancer on fiverr or anything  
so maybe you know now i don't provide service  on fiverr i have my own freelancing website  
i have a small website where i provide my services  on so later on you you don't need fiverr you have  
your own audience you can promote your services  you have traffic and everything you have everyday  
clients coming into your website so this is how  it works they have they must have some patience  
they must work hard the first period then when  they build audience they will see things how  
it will be really easy and it will be really fun  you are doing something that you love then yeah.
Pavan: so you talked about uh freelancing  affiliated uh marketing and specifically either  
creating a social media profile like youtube  insta and using etc you also talked about SAAS  
but how as a student they can  really build a SAAS for themselves  
for their own work for generating income?
Hassan: as i mentioned the  main problem in SAAS is not  
setting up things it's about promoting so now  we can go to a website called  
you will find a ready-made scripts  that you can just buy for like $30  
or $40 it's a full website full of applications  you just host it publish it and you have your  
business but the main problem is again how  to promote it if you know my service  
i did like this i just bought it from codecanyon  for $30 that's it i publish it and now i have a  
business i have a SAAS business i have like 200  customers or recurring customers in this business  
so the problem is not about hosting  the service you can build the system  
as i told you in like one hour just get a service  application and you have your business that's  
simple like in $50 you can build a SAAS business  but it's about then promoting it we will come back  
again how to promote building your social  followers building email list going to quora  
youtube instagram it's the same concept by the  way it's the same concept when you when you have  
youtube following as i told you you can promote  anything when you have an email list you can  
promote anything your services your SAAS business  your courses your store anything you can so the  
main problem the main key is to build audience  this is the main key it may be an email list and  
by the way building email list is the easiest path  really we can as an example create a small ebook  
like ten pages or five pages talking about  anything and you'll use this as a lead magnet okay  
let's say again you are promoting  something related to maybe seo okay  
seo services or digital marketing services and by  the way a small trick here you can go to websites  
that a PLR websites you know about them where  you can you can use these websites to download  
free ebooks and you have the right to distribute  them it's called PLR sites okay so you can get an  
ebook maybe change some things add some images  it will be your own ebook you have the right to  
do whatever you want you have the right to sell  it by the way so you can give it and in exchange  
you can build your email list okay you can build  a targeted email list about digital marketing so  
now you have like 1000 subscribers in your list  about digital marketing and this is very important  
so if you are delivering digital marketing  services we can send one email in five minutes  
and at least you can get one or two clients per  day as an example and this by the way how you can  
work in affiliate marketing also one of the best  and this is what's my course about is to build an  
email list and start sending emails every day  by the way automatically using autoresponders  
and you can promote a affiliate products  and you can make at least like $100 or $200  
per day using affiliate and email it's really an  amazing strategy but again i don't know why people  
don't take action really anyone can do it really  anyone can do it anyone can do it and explain  
this soon in my core in my on my channel maybe  next month so it's about getting a lead magnet  
a pdf as an example giving it to a certain person  like promoting it on quora on facebook or whatever  
or giving something for free so people will be  interested in getting it and giving the email  
address so and and here is an important point is  to give valuable stuff like in my case i used my  
application my software it's called super email  sender it's about email marketing application also  
so i use this application to build my email  list so i give it for free and i built my email  
list i got like 10,000 emails in my list from this  software but it's a valuable piece of content it's  
a software that helps helps them send emails as an  example now i am writing my new ebook about email  
marketing it will be published maybe next month  also i it's a free ebook it has really valuable  
info but at the same time i can use it to build  my email list so anyone now can go to our website  
plr website get an ebook get anything that he can  give and build the email list with build a list  
of subscribers and then he can start growing  from this small list you can scale up yeah.
Pavan: this is really uh interesting  and i'm sure a lot of people who are  
uh students who are watching this  will be very excited to see there are  
many many opportunities out there is this  as you said they need to take an action hope  
they get inspired and they also take action i'm  definitely taking action and following up on your
things which you say and it's really helping me  in big way so it's exciting and thank you so much  
once again for your time and it's really  great having you in this discussion today.
Hassan: thank you very much

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