LyncMe # matchurl

LyncMe # matchurl


There are many ways to shorten URLs. Some services are free, while others are paid. What about using your own domain name in any URL? LyncMe does exactly that! It allows you to use your own domain name for your shortened URLs and gives the flexibility to manage the custom URL's through various administration panels.

LyncMe is a customized platform where you get complete control over your custom URL's and landing pages. You can edit title of each link and provide description for them which will make them more SEO friendly. The QR Code provided by LyncMe is fully customizable, so that it reflects your brand identity or message better than before. You can also add email tracking pixel (like Google Analytics) with every link, ensuring proper tracking of all your campaigns.

All the parameters of your shortened URL are configurable which includes default language, character limit, number of QR code dots and rotations, expiration date etc. The Log analytics page provides you useful insights about your link's performance with total clicks per day, average time spent on the landing page by visitor, bounce rate etc…

You can pick an appropriate custom domain name that best suits your audience for each of your organization's marketing campaign. It also allows you to see how many people has visited a particular custom link's using Google Analytics analytics feature. You can now track paid advertisements better with this powerful platform! Lastly you can keep memories alive by saving important tweets having unique links which will be saved in LyncMe library section. So if you ever need them, anywhere and anytime you can access them.

LyncMe provides a user-friendly interface where anyone with basic knowledge of social media can use it smoothly without any hassles. You don't have to spend time and energy on managing links because one single platform does your all work! LyncMe is free to try for first three custom links and further plans are available as per your business needs.

In this rapidly changing world today, technology is the only key factor that determines success between running competitors. Now imagine being able to enhance your online presence with just a click? Sounds interesting right? Well then what you're waiting for simply switch over to LyncMe now! For business inquiries email us at [email protected]

o create a custom URL, first enter the domain name you purchased (if applicable) and click "Save." You will see your custom URL listed as an active link with the date of creation listed next to it.

By clicking on this link, you can edit any parameter such as title, description, language, QR-code style or rotations, etc. For example if I to change my title from LyncMe to "LyncMe Custom URL," I simply click into that field and enter in a new title. Once this is complete, you can re-launch your custom URL.

Please note: The available character limit for each parameter will vary depending on what you have selected.

Click the edit button in the parameters section to view an image size chart specific to the QR Code style you've chosen. In our example above, we chose Style Two with a default value of 50 pixels row length which equates to 200 device pixels row length when using a mobile device . If I need my QR Code to be bigger by increasing the number of pixel rows , then I would select Style Four because it has a higher maximum value (300 pixels). Once I've made this selection, I can click the "Update link" button to reactivate my custom URL with a new QR Code.

Click on the "Logs" tab to review real-time analytics of your custom links and landing pages including total clicks, bounce rate and average time spent by visitors on the page.

In order to access saved URLs , go back to your dashboard and click on the "Saved URLs" tab located at the top of your screen . Clicking any one of these links will take you directly to that specific landing page or shortened URL. You can even share them out with others as needed!

By clicking into the email option in this section, you are able to set up an auto responder for any of the saved links containing information about your organization. For example, you can use this feature to send out an email with all or some of the QR Code images that are currently saved under your newly created LyncMe account for others to use as needed. Thanks to LyncMe's seamless customization features , you can be sure that people will only see the URLs and QR Codes that pertain to them!

To find more customers or increase sales online, consider using promotional tools like Twitter Ads or Google Adwords . However keep in mind once someone clicks on one of these ads they must dig through their Twitter feed for a link corresponding to yours. Save time by creating custom shortened URLs with Bitly so you can ensure that anyone clicking through will land directly on a relevant page.

In addition, by using LyncMe you can target the most popular social media networks where your customers spend their time . For example, if you sell children's toys and games, post your product or discount promotions to Pinterest where close to 70% of U.S adults use this site! The possibilities are endless with a custom link that is easy to share across all platforms.

Don't have a company website yet? No problem. Get started today by setting up a free blog at Blogger , Tumblr or WordPress ! Once you have set up your blog you can then create one or several landing pages for each new offer as well as shortened URLs which you can also track using real-time analytics.

By redirecting your custom address to a blog or landing page, you no longer have to worry about hours of hard work going to waste because the post was only seen by a few people . Now all of your links are automatically shortened and customized so they will stand out from the rest!

If you prefer not to host your own website copy , email marketing campaigns or social media posts , then consider using other popular platforms like Hootsuite or Buffer . Since these services don't offer full customization options , remember that even though they're free it still costs money in time and labor which could be better spent elsewhere.

And for those who do host their own email campaigns alongside custom URL's , LyncMe makes it easy for

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