LnnkIn # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

LnnkIn # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


LnnkIn is an URL shortening tool that allows the user to add a password in order to secure the link. These created short links can be analyzed for free with filter options of device, country, operation system, referrer, city and browser.

URL: lnnkin.com

Shortened URLs like these are commonly used for Twitter and other social media platforms where character space is limited. This makes it difficult to share long or complicated links; using LnnkIn makes sharing easier by shrinking the longer link into an easy-to-use code. The shortened link can then be shared via email or text message without taking up too much time or too many characters (a standard tweet has 140

Furthermore, LnnkIn provides the user with a customizable button. This allows the user to brand each shortened link with a logo or other graphic design elements.


LnnkIn has three parts: the website, the custom button generator and LnnkAuth. Each one is important in its own right, as it plays a key role in their security measures and privacy options.

The first part of LnnkIn is where users create links from long pages they want to share. Here, they can choose between standard or custom URLs that consist of a six-digit code followed by another six digits that represent a password that will be required to access the shortened link. Additionally, users have control over what kind of information is shown on the page -- date created, date accessed, and time of access -- and can decide to hide that information if they don't want it publicly displayed. They also have the option to show or hide their username each time someone clicks on their link.

The second part of LnnkIn is the custom button generator, which allows users to create buttons with different themes. For example, users can upload a logo for an organization they are affiliated with. The graphic is then added to the shortened URL's page where other users can see it each time they click on it.

This last part of LnnkIn consists of an extension that automatically appears in the browser when using one, but hides itself from view after first use. Although invisible, this extension encrypts any personal information entered in the page, such as usernames and passwords, before it is sent to LnnkIn's servers. Once there, users can access their links directly from this website without having to reenter the information.

LnnkIn uses HTML5 to create these links with security in mind. The custom URLs are created using JavaScript code running on the user's browser when they click "Shorten" on a URL of choice. This code creates an SHA-1 hash out of the original long URL that is then combined with a secret key stored by LnnkIn to generate the final six-digit short URL that is created for sharing purposes. The hash function ensures that inputting different variables into either text boxes or password fields will not produce the same short URL.

Additionally, to ensure shared links can be accessed only once and by one user, LnnkIn has expanded its services with an authentication feature that encrypts usernames and passwords before they are sent through a hash function embedded in JavaScript code on pages to create short URLs. This encryption ensures no two users have the ability to enter the same username or password when trying to access a shortened link.

The information LnnkIn generates when creating their custom buttons is also encrypted when it is sent from the browser to their servers so that users can keep all personal data safe throughout this process.

All of these security features are developed using open-source tools in order for anyone else to review them in their own personal or professional settings.

The process of creating a LnnkIn link is as follows:

1) Click "Shorten" on a long page you want to share.

2) In the box that appears, type your password if you have selected this option for your custom shortened URL. Next, click "Create." Your new six-digit code will be automatically populated into a box labeled "Your short URL." Copy and paste it into an email, text message or anything else where the length of the text matters to make sharing easier.

3) To access a shared link using its password, enter the first six digits into the left text box then the second set of six digits as your password in their respective boxes below. Click "Access."


1) LnnkIn is a free service that specializes in creating short links that can be shared across social media platforms including Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Reddit. It is an alternative to link services such as TinyURL where users do not have to reveal their personal information if they don't want to. LnnkIn also offers custom shortened URLs which can be password protected or include a logo uploaded by the user for sharing purposes.

2) The philosophy of LnnkIn is based on security, transparency and ease-of-use with the best way to secure its users being through encryption. Therefore all information shared by the users is encrypted before being saved on their dedicated servers.

3) The encryption method used by LnnkIn is based on open-source software and uses a hash function to encrypt any user inputted text which will then be combined with a secret key made up of random characters that changes every time a link is created. This information then generates a six character long shortened website URL that can be accessed via different devices or browsers as long as the user's login information has been verified.

4) LnnkIn also offers customers the option to download custom versions of their online widgets through an API (application programming interface). It comes in three options: full, embed and mobile and allows businesses and organizations to easily promote themselves through social media.

5) The LnnkIn website states that its security features are also designed with transparency in mind which is why they regularly report on their blog about the measures they take to keep their services secure along with potential threats like hacking, malware and spamming. They also value ease of use by allowing users to create custom buttons for sharing long URLs across social media platforms instead of having to manually copy and paste this information each time it needs to be shared.

6) Even though LnnkIn has an easy-to-use interface, the company still recommends you read their Terms of Use before using any of their services or creating a password-protected link simply because all rules related to the creation of short URLs must be followed at all

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