Linkvertise.Net – Scam URL Shortener

Linkvertise.Net – Scam URL Shortener

16.Oct.2021 is a URL shortening website that doesn't really appear to be legitimate. If you use it, you won't earn any money and likely get your account banned.

Let me explain; Here's the site:

And here's what I see when I try and add a link (screenshot below):

  Now, there are 2 things wrong with this picture: 1) It says free Microsoft points? This is either malware or some sort of phishing for your Microsoft login; don't do it. 2) The ad above isn't related in any way to my site (trivia-time: why would it be?).

So after clicking "Free Ads," we arrive at the page to submit your link:

"Linkvertise is a free website where you can earn 100% of the revenue from every external click on your affiliate links! We also have a url shortener service that tracks all clicks and pays 100% of the revenue to you!"

Now, I don't know about you guys, but this doesn't sound very "free." It sounds more like they're going to give me some sort of share of the revenue after my ads have been clicked enough times. This simply isn't how ad networks work, so skip it.

Don't even bother filling out their simple form because there are no advertisers signing up for this site . So why? Why would there be no advertisers if they have an able-to-publish platform? I'm guessing it's because nobody wants to advertise on a site which (a) has an unproven track record, (b) doesn't accept advertiser feedback or revisions , and (c) is run by someone who refuses to provide contact information .

Who runs this website? I'd like to ask them for some pertinent details like how much revenue they're generating (and if that number is more than 0), how many publishers are using the site, etc.

Then there's the fact that their Privacy Policy says that they may share your personal information with any 3rd party without notice . So not only am I giving them my URLs so they can spam Google with links to my site, but after enough clicks I could be sued by other sites to which I link!

There is absolutely no reason for you to waste your time with . Just find a better way to advertise and make some money. [ARTICLE ENDS]


1) Thanks for the feedback (see comment section)! Regarding affiliate links, we do allow them, but we will only pay based on the amount of external clicks that come from our site ONLY. If someone uses one of your affiliate links and clicks an ad showing on Google, Yahoo etc., you won't get credit since it's not coming from our website. We want all traffic coming from us only to ensure that we send the correct credits to each publisher account. This helps our advertisers know exactly where their ads are being seen, and it helps us give 100% revenue share to our publishers!

2) We actually make money by selling ad space on the site. Our advertisers get good value for their money since they're paying only per click, not per impression. Publishers who want to earn more can always purchase ad packages through our site if they wish. Please visit here for more information .

3) We have some nice features coming soon that I think you guys will love :-) Stay Tuned!

4) Please read this article about how our new " Linkvertise Referral Program " works --->  Linkvertise Makes Me Money? And Why It's Time For A Change... [ARTICLE END]


Now you understand what's behind this website. It's not really free, it's nothing but scam.

You can also visit these link shortener review site : Longurl , bitly , , & aduiofile .

There are so many fake or scam url shorteners out there which only wants to earn money from you by showing ads on your links. This is why i always tell my reader to be very careful before using any specific site for their personal or business promotion because in the end they will lose more than gain with bad service and tricks of that sites admins.


stay safe! share & care

Hello, guys! I'm in love with your blog and it's really helped me a lot. Thank you for that! Great job you're doing there - keep up the good work :) Reply Delete

Thank you very much for sharing helpful information about Linkvertise. Would you mind updating this entry? We are having lots of problems with our links not showing correctly on Google+ (which uses + url shorteners) also when people click them they do not go through properly or give errors. It may be something we are doing wrong but any advice would be useful. Reply Delete


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