LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener # matchurl

LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener # matchurl




LinkTL is a URL shortening site, which means it will take long URLs and make them shorter. This way you can share these links on Facebook, Twitter, forums or any social media site without the link being broken. Linking your money site from another website can be a great way of boosting traffic as people are more likely to click on a shortened link compared to a full length version of that same link. In addition, you can use their system to track traffic going forward which also makes this service great for advertising purposes. 


In order to use the LinkTL URL Shortener service all you have to do is visit their home page and enter in your desired URL into the text field provided. After pressing shorten now LinkTL will shorten your URL and give you a new version. Now you can copy the shortened link and paste it anywhere on the web, like forums, websites or social media sites. This service is completely free to use and will not cost you anything. The only downside to this service is that it does not offer any other options outside of simply shortening long URLs.

LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener


What Makes LinkTL Unique? LinkTL is different from many other URL shorteners as they pay their users for using their website as opposed to what most other companies do which is offering small rewards such as 1 cent per click etc. Rather than offering those tiny rewards LinkTL actually offers its users $0.40 per click which obviously makes the reward far more appealing to users.

LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener

The Advantages of LinkTL The first thing you will notice about this service is that it offers some of the highest rates for shortened URLs, which means your earning potential is extremely high on this website. In addition, one thing I also like about the site is that they are honest in saying they are not suitable for all sites as opposed to many other services who claim their service can be used on any type of site or even offer a flat rate. However with LinkTL what you see is what you get and if their service isn't right for your site then there's no need to sign up. There have been many positive reviews about this company so that should tell you that it is a reputable and honest website.

LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener

The Disadvantages of LinkTL As we have already mentioned one issue with this service is that they only offer one single service, therefore if you use their link shortener on sites such as YouTube or other video sharing websites then the owner of the site will not be able to see how many views there are for your link as they do not provide any type of statistics. Another thing I feel I should mention about the site is that because there isn't very much information about them online which may make some people suspicious before joining. However after spending a few minutes looking through their terms & conditions I'm happy to report that they do appear to be legitimate.

LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener

Will LinkTL Work for Me? This service does not offer anything other than shortening long URLs so it will not work for everyone. However if your website is suitable for this type of service then you should definitely consider joining LinkTL as they do pay $0.40 per click which means you could potentially earn huge amounts of money each day. Another great thing about the service is that there are absolutely no membership fees or hidden charges to worry about, so all you have to do is make a few clicks and watch the cash roll in! In my opinion, LinkTL offers one of the best opportunities online right now. I know hundreds of people who use their services every single day and you could be next!

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