LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener # matchurl

LinkTL – Top Paying URL Shortener # matchurl


Link shortening is one of the most profitable, simple to use and straightforward earning exercises accessible available. There are many companies offering this service however LinkTL is among the best services you can discover online today.


The income of URL Shortener Website or URL rewriting website focuses on directing clients with no preparing an approach for sharing it with their companions and fans on social networking destinations, web based promoting stages and so forth over various systems for example email messages. They pass more than ninety percent of potential or even more traffic to your site through these channels that are free for them without paying anything.


Now again they will probably not pay you unless they need to advertise some sort of product or simply need promotion by all edges so they need fast connections, quick load time, free customers and customers to share.

LinkTL is serving this facility through the URL shortener service. LinkTL does not offer much in terms of features; however LinkTL offers one feature that I like, which is the ability for you to choose how often your link will be shortened.


How to register with LINKTL? How to make money with LINKTL? What are the required steps needed before one can start earning using LINKTL? These questions will be answered in this article. First things first, it should be noted that each referral signup has a maximum payout of $10 so please do not expect large sums by referring users alone. However, if you are able to refer someone who can refer other people then you can earn a decent amount of money.

The following are the requirements needed to start with LINKTL:

-You must have an email address, bank account and PayPal account for receiving your referral commission. -You should be at least 18 years old. (A minor is not allowed) -LINKTL does not allow you use Proxy Servers or any other means to mask your location. You will be penalized if you do so! -It is advisable to use personal data only for creating your account as LINKTL might send promotional mails from time to time! Now that we know what LINKTL requires let us now proceed on how you can profit using this site:

From the homepage or dashboard of LINKTL, click on 'Referral Login' to login.

Enter your details and click 'Login'.

If you are not logged in, log in by clicking the 'Login' button. This is where you will see all of your referral links that have been shortened with LINKTL. In one glance you can know how many clicks each link has received. You can even choose which links you want to run from here.

Now, go to this area and fill out the boxes accordingly with information on how or where people should be directed to when they click on a shortened URL LinkTL will provide for users who clicked on a shortened URL from their service. People will be able to view what you have chosen before they land on your actual shortened URL.

Now, you can share the link anywhere you want! It is that simple to generate revenue using LINKTL. Since LINKTL gives a real-time view of how many clicks each short URL has received from their service alone, it becomes really easy for webmasters to know whether or not their promotion is working. However LINKTL guarantees a good pay per click rate. The best part about LINKTL though is that one does not have to wait for a long time in order to get paid. They show ads for free and they only take money from advertisers after all the valid clicks have been counted! LinkTL pays up to $10 per referral which might seem little but when you add referrals it makes quite a lot of money.

It is one of the best and highest paying URL shortner like adfly and more you can make up to $100 per day without any investment and no need to promote your account or website on social media, blogs or forums as you will only get scam that's why it's better to use linktl as they pay automatically once your referral click some ads.


You can start earning right away as long as you have a PayPal account. Now, link with LINKTL and enjoy making extra bucks! This article will help you understand LINKTL in detail so read on carefully. Here we go:


1) What is the minimum payout of LINKTL?


A: The minimum payout limits can be changed from time to time so please contact the LINKTL support for this information.

2) How do I know how many clicks my URL has received?

A: After you have shortened a URL using LINKTL, simply go back to your area and a list of all your short links will appear. Under each link is a button that says 'Stats'. Click on that button. You can then view how many times it has been clicked from their service alone without having to wait for months! This makes it really easy for webmasters to check whether or not their promotion is working as intended! Anytime you want to receive reports on the clicks your URLs have gotten, simply click on "Stats" under your LINKTL dashboard.

3) How are the ads displayed on LINKTL?

A: The ads are served by Google Adsense. You can know more about it here . Ads are served in a very efficient manner so you do not have to worry about any disturbance during your browsing session. However, there may be times when an ad does not appear due to its own error or simply because the advertiser has opted out of serving ads to visitors coming through LINKTL. If this is the case for you, it should only happen once and will not affect future promotions that you run using LinkTL's service.

4) I am still unsure how LINKTL works! Which page do I use?

A: When you get to the Sign up page on LinkTL, you have to paste your URL into that box at the bottom. Once you have done that, click on 'Shorten'.

5) How do I see how much money I have made?

A: When you login with your username and password, simply go to the top right of the screen where your name is. You will then need to fill out a form in order to withdraw so please fill out all the details correctly before hitting submit. This is very important as it ensures accuracy for both parties involved!

6) Is there any limit on how many URLs I can shorten using LINKTL's service per day/week/month?

A: No, there are currently no limits on how many

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