LinkTL – Earn Money By Sharing Links in 2022

LinkTL – Earn Money By Sharing Links in 2022


LinkTL – Earn Money By Sharing Links in 2022:

LinkTL helps you to make money online by sharing your "Links". The best thing I like about this company is how they compensate their members. LinkTL uses a CPM (Cost per Mile) model, which means that every time someone views one of your links/ads you get paid for it! Every member starts off with 5 free ads per day  and from there they can purchase more ads using the built-in system or through PayPal. You will be able to watch your profits grow as people click on the links you post and view your ad(s). LinkTL is a great way to make some extra cash on a daily basis by simply posting links.


I hope everyone will join this amazing opportunity.



LinkTL Team.


The above article touts the perks of LinkTL – an internet-based commercial venture that promises to pay users per click on their website ads. The link was included within a spam email that's been making waves in inboxes all over the world since early 2016. This scam aims through fear by threatening potential victims with "malicious software" if they don't comply with its demands via an email. Once you've opened up your email, you'll find yourself either faced with a message telling you how to fix your computer or an official looking document informing you about steps required to keep it working properly. These emails typically include three: One is usually just gibberish (to make sure you can read it), another is an image, and the third one has the actual message. All three files are executable forms of malware that may compromise your security once downloaded, but their true goal is to scare you into complying with their demands in order to avoid what they're programmed to do.


The biggest clue that should tell you LinkTL is just another scammer trying to trick users into installing malware or stealing personal information for nefarious purposes is its URL: The suffix ".today" reflects a typical practice in spamming where cybercriminals aim to establish themselves as trusted sources by using websites bearing well known extensions like "click here,""free,"or any other generic term. Other telltale signs of this scam include empty promises, unverifiable references to income claims, and paltry rewards for the rigorous tasks required to become a member.

The bottom line is that there's no legitimate reason why anyone should be using or joining LinkTL – it's simply not worth your time or effort, especially when legitimate work-at-home opportunities abound . Use our website as a reference whenever you come across a new opportunity and want to make sure it's on the up and up! We will always keep you informed about any suspicious activity that may jeopardize your online security or privacy.


Keep one step ahead of the game!


*LinkTL - Earn Money By Sharing Links in 2022 article was originally published here. Republished with permission. Content has been edited from its original form. The link to this post has since been removed as it is no longer active.*

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