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11.Oct.2021 - Best Ad server for url shorteners

I have not talked about LinkSpy here in a while so I decided to write an article about my experience with the service in the past few months.  LinkSpy is probably one of the best ad servers out there when it comes to URL shorteners. I have tried Google's ad server on my link that I use but they are expensive and provide no insights into your account or what impressions you are getting at all, plus they are just not worth the cost in my opinion.  LinkSpy provides excellent analytics with many sections including top referrers, bounce rate percentage, share data, most clicked links etc...  To get started with they only cost $0.125 per 1,000 visits which is about 50 times cheaper than Google AdSense or any other ad server out there for URL shorteners.  Their support is pretty fast and I have had no issues with them so far, give them a try if you are looking to monetize your links that are pointing to shortened Bitly or links.

LinkSpy Stats

I use this free service called which allows me to create short Bitly like links at my own domain instead of using the domain name; whatever link I choose will be redirected to the destination url (example: )  This is helpful if you are doing any PBN building because it will help keep your anchor text ratios very low which is good for getting penalty warnings.  It also helps to keep my link profiles clean of or Bitly links so I don't have to worry about using those services directly or getting the same links too many times in the backlink profile.

My primary tools I use with LinkSpy are:

LinkMiner -

LinkMiner will scrape all of your affiliate links, blog comments and forum posts then automatically send them over to LinkSpy for you without having to copy and paste the links manually.  It's a great time saver and you should be using this for other link building techniques like finding forum profiles that already have backlinks to your money site.

LinkSpy Analytics

Here are some of my stats from LinkSpy; the links I used were working fine on both and bitly but did not give me enough impressions so I decided to use LinkSpy and get about 10 times more views than what I was getting before:

This is just for one out of the 5 brands we own so it shows we get a very high CTR (click through rate) with these shortened links even though they may not look as appealing because they don't show your original website name or destination url, etc.

Remember this is just the CTR, I have made a lot more money on these links then what you see here because these are just for link building purposes.  I have done A/B testing with some of the links and found that using "via @link" at the end of your shortened URL actually increased my CTR even though it does not look good in social media posts or blog comments so keep that in mind.

LinkSpy Summary

If you are looking to monetize your shortened links, use or bitly directly, try out their ad server stats will amaze you!  They also offer banner ads but they don't provide great eCPM rates until you get a decent amount of monthly traffic going to your shortened links.  If you have any questions let me know in the comments below.

Cheers, Matt - @linkgrowmore on Twitter & Google+

I used this for my link that ranks my main website #1 for "link building software" and i have definitely seen an increase in clicks but it is hard to tell if they are converting into subscribers or not so I am still testing out the ad service... Reply Delete

I'm wondering what you mean by improving CTR? Do you use anchor text within the Bitly link being redirected to your URL or do you keep them clean? Thanks! Reply Delete

Yes I'm using my money site anchor text with branded keywords I'm trying to rank for. Delete

Hello Matt, Great Article! Do you have any suggestion of which link building methods are most effective with Bitly? Also how do you ensure your links don't get flagged from Nix that bitly use for spamming? Thanks :) Reply Delete

That's a good question and here is my answer: 1) For PBN sites I would not bother using or any other shortener because the money site anchor text will be in the destination URL itself so it no longer counts as a backlink to you. 2) Use branded keywords in the destination URLs but not in the shortened URLs coming from the ad server 3) The best way to keep your links from being flagged is by using fake referrer strings by putting your referrer inside the anchor text. For example, if you are boosting this article "" then instead of using something like it would be better to use keywords that you are trying to rank for within the anchor text link itself that way Google doesn't think your links are spammy or unnatural because your money site is not being referred directly from another could be a forum post, blog comment, etc... Reply Delete

I have used goo .gl with success however I have not tried LinkSpy yet but will definitely check it out I am curious about one thing though. If I were using a site like majestic .com or a blog network is it more advantageous to use a shorter link so the links will go through the roof faster? Reply Delete


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