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Linkrex is a free tool to shorten URLs. Wherefore, get paid for your posts. Start by creating an account. Thereafter, create a link and post it. Furthermore, you also earn more through the referral program. 


To date (2013), Linkrex has several pricing plans that start with $19/month all the way up to $40/month depending on the package purchased.

The most expensive plan offers several advantages over subscribers of lower packages, one of them including priority links (priority links are given higher priority in search engine results). More importantly is the fact that every month there is at least one member who gets paid $15 for traffic coming from Angola which is especially great if this person happens to be using any one of the paid Linkrex packages.


Therefore, if you are looking for a tool to shorten your links with a minimum monthly fee and want to be earning money from day one, then look no further because the most expensive plan in Linkrex is exactly what you need!


The article is written in simple straightforward English. No slang or difficult words/phrases have been used. Bad grammar has also been kept to a minimum. This is because I do not want anyone stopping before even clicking on the full article link to see that it was poorly written and contain incorrect grammar usage which will ultimately prevent them from going through with their decision of reading it all.


I wrote this particular article using Microsoft Word and then used a grammar checker such as Grammarly to help me correct some of the more common mistakes that I tend to make.


One thing to bear in mind before you get started is the fact that you need to write your articles with what type of audience in mind. For example, if your target audience is teenagers and people in their early 20s who are interested in items such as technology and entertainment smart phones/mobiles and computer games, then try not to mention opera or classical music because chances are they won’t be very interested in it.


On the other hand, if your target audience is mainly made up of older people who spend most of their time on things related to the outdoors such as fishing and hunting then you should try not to mention the latest iPhone or iPhone games because chances are they won’t be very interested in it.


By using this method of writing articles, the traffic that you get will always be targeted and no matter what type of niche your website is related to, whether it has anything to do with technology or not, people from all walks of life will be able to navigate their way around your site without reaching a dead end after clicking on an article containing words and phrases that they were not interested in which would ultimately cause them not to go any further than just reading the first few lines.


Also if you have a small amount of money available for your downpayment which allows you to register for a free account with Linkrex, you can also try the alternative method of posting articles on online forums.


On some forums there are sections where people can post their own articles so it is worth looking through them and seeing if your article would be suitable. However on most forums it usually has to be asked for by someone else first before you can then post what you have written. It is similar to putting an advert in the newspaper except that instead of placing an ad you are posting on someone else’s forum by asking permission if they allow guest posts or not.


If your article meets the criteria of the person who runs the blog (or forum) (i.e. if it is relevant) then they may not only consider it for you but they might even go as far as to post it themselves and give you credit for writing it which is why I personally prefer this method over the alternative of trying to write articles and submit them to different directories online. This is also because on most forums, if your posts are accepted then there will be no limit your how many times you can post links with the same article written in a different way.


This is not usually allowed on sites that you actually have to pay for where the links are then marked with either ‘Sponsored’ or ‘Paid For’ so you cannot put more than one link down every month per account even if there are numerous variations of text or number of links included in the article.


This is why writing articles takes up so much time which you could otherwise be using to write and post more links. To get paid $15 per link, click here: If this doesn't work, and it probably won't, you can use this referral link:

Note: This is a work of fiction. Any association with real persons or events is purely coincidental.

In conclusion, if you are considering writing articles as a form of online income to promote your website or blog, you should make certain that the majority of your site’s current traffic comes from people who are likely to be interested in what it is that you have written.


This can easily be determined simply by paying attention to how often your visitors click on the links included within your posts to other websites and also what kind of sites they go on to visit next after clicking through. You should then take into consideration any countries that most of them come from which will give you an idea as to where they must reside and then try not putting up any content which might offend them since this could cause more, if not many more people than expected, not only not to hang

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