Linkly # matchurl

Linkly # matchurl


Create beautiful, branded links with smart redirects.

- Get click statistics

- Track email signups and social shares

- Share clean, simple & pretty links on your Twitter and Facebook pages to boost engagement and gain trust and credibility from your website visitors 

- Embed short URLs directly into Medium or Long Form Content to increase CTR by 15% while saving valuable characters in the body text that would otherwise be used for keyword insertion.  (Note: I couldn't find a single reputable source for this claim so it should probably be removed.)

Notes: Nothing too crazy here but there are some good suggestions scattered throughout the article. Overall the site seems relatively well built and as you can see from the screenshot below it's clean, easy to use and pretty. The article doesn't go into much detail on who would benefit most from using Linkly or how it works but that would all be covered in a video of course.

I'm not sure if this is an ad since there isn't any mention of their company name anywhere but at first glance I thought this might be a paid partnership with JotForm. If anyone knows for sure why they're advertising here please let me know.

The author mentions his contact information so hopefully he won't mind if we ask him some follow up questions:

Name: Doostan Gharibian Email: [email protected] Press/Business/Creative Inquiries: [email protected] Linkly URL shortener Website:

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The most successful authors are not successful because they write good books. They are successful because they manage to successfully sell their books. The key to selling your book is effective marketing; however, most authors focus on the wrong type of marketing (i.e., they concentrate on getting their name out rather than getting people interested in reading the book). In this blog post, I'll show you how to focus on exactly the right kind of marketing.

Marketing is a lot less work if you understand what it is. Marketing helps get your book in front of people who would be interested in reading it and helps get them excited so that they recommend your book to others or buy multiple copies for their friends and family. The classic definition of marketing states that it's "the process of communicating the value of a product or service to customers." If you think about this statement long enough, you will begin to see why most authors do not succeed with their marketing plans. Authors believe that they have written a good story but fail miserably when trying to communicate that message effectively (i.e., they fail at marketing their book).

Marketing is not about writing a good story. Writing a good story is part of the process, but it's only one step in the process. The second step is to communicate the value of that story to your potential audience. This second step is where most authors go wrong. Authors spend all of their time writing and then just send out copies to family and friends without any sort of plan for how they are going to let other people know about their books or why those people should be interested in reading them. Authors need to market their books both before (to build an audience) and after (to keep building on that audience) they publish their books...


You've written your masterpiece, now it's time to tell the world. Or at least that's what you thought it was time to do when you finished writing your book. You may still think it's time to start telling people about your book but before you even consider marketing your book, there are some important things that need to be in place - most importantly for you as an author is to ensure you've published an awesome book (your masterpiece) and secondly if it's not awesome, get it awesome-sauce.

There are many challenges an indie author faces in their quest for success which include marketing their work... If they manage to overcome these challenges and become successful they'll often come up against yet another challenge which can seem like a never ending cyclethose types of authors are usually

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