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Linkvertise #


If you are looking for a source of easy money, look no further than the German-speaking shortener website URL shortener Linkvertise. 

Linkvertise is an advertisement platform which pays users just for linking to their shortened URLs. To place your ads on it's website, you must first have at least 1€ balance in your account. Payment takes one business day after request via PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers). You can also do direct bank transfer with iDeal and Sofortüberweisung . The minimum amount that can be transferred is 10€ and can take up to two days before receiving money into your bank account.

Linkvertize has several types of paid links:

Paying by click: You get money for each click on your shortened URL. Payouts depend on the country where you live and range from 20 - 40 cents per click.

Pay by followers: This is a newer system similar to Adsense, which pays you for every follower of your link. Payments are not as much as with pay-per-click, but it's constant and fairly high amount of about 1€ per 100 followers. This can be a great way to show other bloggers and Twitter users that you accept Linkvertise links (that appears as ads) on your website or blog posts because they will follow your links if they see that you use them too. The more people who join this campaign, the more interesting such networks become for advertisers to buy ads.

Paying by impression: Also a new way to become a member of the Linkvertise family which allows you to earn money for every 1000 views on your links, you can get from 1 - 5 cents per 1000 visitors depending on which country they are from. As with the pay per follower strategy, this type of advertising is relatively new and may prove itself to be better than comparable ad networks in the future because if it succeeds then advertisers will want to invest some of their marketing budgets here because it's cheaper and safer than other forms of online ads like PPC or banner campaigns.

Banner campaign: By joining this program you can earn more money by placing large banners on your website (like some do with Google Adsense). Payments go from 5 - 10 cents per 1000 visitors.

As you can see, there is a way for everyone and anyone will be able to find the one that suits them best and start earning money immediately. Linkvertise has no minimum payout amount, so as soon as your balance reached 1€ you can withdraw it. Payment options include PayPal or Skrill (Moneybookers).

Linkvertise is free to join and doesn't require paid membership like some other popular ad networks such as Adsense do. This gives you the ability to control all of your ads and monitor their performance without having to worry about memberships fees or monthly quotas. As with PPC campaigns it's important that only relevant ads are shown because advertisers want good returns on investment.

You can sign up to Linkvertise easily from the website's homepage. Once you're logged in you will see your balance and several types of available ads with a link to place them on your pages or subscribe for new opportunities to earn money. In the outsource section you'll find a list of websites that allow users to put their own links on them with earning potentials paid by advertiser through Lpvertise. There are also hundreds of possibilities where you can submit your links, but make sure it's relevant and only use those which offer high payments for good results.

Linkvertise is a young company, but it has already reached a level where it's trusted as one of the top shortener services not just by regular users but also by major German and Austrian websites. The company has a good chance to become among the most popular online advertisement networks because of it's innovative payment systems accessible to everyone.

If you need an alternative to Adsense for monetizing your website I recommend giving Linkvertise a try. It may be just what you're looking for! If using URL shortener Websites is your means to earn money, then there's a new kid in town who can help you ace at it: Indeed you can make easy money with Linkvertise . It is one of the highest paying URL shortener websites in the German-speaking countries.

Linkvertise can prevent annoying pop-ups or layers from appearing while still offering top payouts.

- Matchurl

Now you see how easy it is to make money with Linkvertise . They offer a good selection of ads and payment opportunities for new users. Their prices are the highest among German shortener websites. Matchurl

Linkvertise can avoid pop-ups or annoying layers and still offer a top payment. Matchurl

If you need an alternative to Adsense for monetizing your website I recommend giving Linkvertise a try. It may be just what you're looking for! Matchurl

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Linkvertise: Earn money with URL shorteners and earn up to 15,000 Euros per month.

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