Link shortener: How to Use URL Shortener Tools Google, Bitly

Link shortener: How to Use URL Shortener Tools Google, Bitly


A link shortener is a tool used to shrink long URLs into a shorter string of characters that redirects the user to the intended web page. Shortened links work well in text messages and tweets since there are a limited number of characters you can include in a social media post. Long URLs tend to break when cut-and-pasted, or they simply take up too much space when typing them out completely.

Shorten your URL using bitly

Bitly is one of the most popular link shorteners available today. Bitly lets you create custom shortened links with its Path facility so each click on your shortened URL goes directly to the section within the original webpage where users can find what they're looking for. Clicking on your Bitly link automatically takes users to the original page you created the shortened link for. If someone shares your Bitly link on social media, it will automatically direct them to the web page you created the link for.

Bitly was designed mainly for marketers and advertisers who want to track how many people click on their links and where those clicks lead them. Bitly's service is easy to use, reliable and offers a wide range of customizing options so you can create short URLs that suit your particular needs perfectly.

Type in your long URL

Once you've opened up a new browser window, go ahead and type in the long URL you'd like shorten into the search bar at After clicking on "Go," your full-length URL will be automatically shortened to a shorter string of characters that redirects your site visitors to the full-length URL.

You can keep track of who clicks on your bitly link by clicking on "Details" for each shortened link. When you click on Details, all the information about the person who clicked on it will appear in a separate window, including their location and when they clicked from where they are. You'll also see when they actually visited your website or which part of your article or page attracted them to click through. This is extremely helpful when trying to figure out what type of content works well with social media users and how often people view an article before visiting another site.

With just a few simple steps, you can use one of the many free online link shorteners to shorten your URL and track how many clicks it gets. Plus, you can create custom links with Bitly so each click on your shortened links goes directly to the section of your webpage where users find what they're looking for. Using a link shortener like Bitly is especially helpful in social media posts because long URLs tend to break when cut-and-pasted or they simply take up too much room when they're typed out in their entirety.


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