Laralink: Powerful URL Shortener  # matchurl

Laralink: Powerful URL Shortener # matchurl


Laralink is a link shortener which allows you to manage links from a simple dashboard with advanced analytics.

Users can create short links from other more complex and long URLs. Links can also be created by anonymous users; in this case, analysis of visits for all links will only be visible from the admin panel.

The installation is very fast and simple—you just have to have a database ready, then unzip the files on your server and access the installation wizard through the browser.

##Pro ’s and Con’s




- Pro: It’s simple and easy with only one click to install and get started.

- Con: The statistics are not very detailed.

- Pro: Advanced analytics through the dashboard.

- Con: Statistics are sometimes inaccurate or incomplete, which should be improved.

##Recommendations for Improvement / Potential Fixes

A few recommendations would be to add more customisation options in the Admin Panel—for example, users have no control over their links once they have been created, so being able to edit them is ideal. This can sometimes cause issues—when an anonymous user clicks on a link it will show up as ‘anonymous’ in the inbox. If there was a way that even if an anonymous user visits a link it can be tagged with their IP for example, the stats would be more accurate and specific as well as removing the confusion.


Another recommendation would be to add an option in where links can also expire after a certain amount of days; this way users do not lose any statistics if they don’t log in frequently enough or at all.

- Pro: Fast installation process.

- Con: Cannot edit links once created (unless you are an admin).

- Pro: Easy to use dashboard.

- Con: Statistics are sometimes incomplete, inaccurate or misleading.



Laralink has an easy to use interface and it offers a wide range of analytics options. It does have some low-level issues which should be taken into consideration before buying. Overall, Laralink would best suit websites who want a simple link shortener with basic analytics requirements.

If you want more information regarding Laralink or have any questions about this review then feel free to leave a comment below! By Naima Barrios

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