JotURL # matchurl

JotURL # matchurl


JotURL has been fulfilling its main purpose as a URL shortener for over 5 years. What makes JotURL unique is that it also doubles as a tool to get more followers on social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+.

Many people feel overwhelmed with the number of users they’re following via their social sites especially if they set out to follow everyone back. The best thing you can do is follow a select few who are your most important contacts and let JotURL handle all of your shortened URLs. You can use these URLs directly on whichever social site you post them on be it Twitter, Facebook or Google+ which will automatically shorten the URL while at the same time give you some added bonus points when other people click on them.

JotURL also gives you the option to keep track of your stats which is great for business owners who are always monitoring their results and want to be updated on how much exposure they’re getting online. If you need more than just a URL shortener then JotURL will deliver!

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1)        Keep track of the stats with JotURL.

2)  Attach shortened URLs to social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

3)   Give people bonus points when they click on your links via points sharing networks such as Tweetshare & FBPoints.

4)  Customize shortened URLs to fit your brand's image by adding your logo, name or by customizing your shortened URL.

5)  Receive notifications within the JotURL dashboard whenever someone has taken a click on one of your links or attached them to their social media sites.

6)  Record clicks, link redirections and referral sources in real time.

7)   Increase website traffic via JotURL's web based promotion tool that will automatically post your shortened URLs to popular social media sites like Twitter & Facebook at scheduled intervals giving you free advertising.

8) You can also create list building forms for email collection where users can subscribe through your shortened URLs with an added bonus of receiving points when they do so allowing subscribers to receive better customer experience (i.e., exclusive updates). With this online marketing strategy you can give subscribers incentives such as discounts or even free stuff for their loyalty.

9)  Create short URLs that link to popular media sites like YouTube, iTunes and more coming soon!

10) JotURL has various business plans designed to fit your company's needs with pricing based on the number of shortened URLs and traffic volume coming from your account. With every plan you'll still get access to all of the features mentioned above in addition to some free perks such as free logo design & custom URLs. For a small fee you can also purchase credits which gives you access to even more promotional tools such as unlimited list building forms (sign-up pages). To learn more about JotURL visit:


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JotURL is a multipurpose URL shortener that allows users to capture more traffic, leads and sales while increasing their exposure online. For more information about JotURL features visit: features or check out the blog at


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