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Are you tired of adding links manually to your social media accounts? I know it is hard and not funny. If you add a link in the status bar and someone searches for that, then that is bad.

Maybe you are also looking for a solution on how to shorten links automatically with Jelly URL . This article shows how easy it is to save time by using this tool. For more information about Jelly URL, read this article below

What Is Shorten URL Automatically With Jelly URL?

JellyURL is an online tool or web service which provides help us to create our own short links very easily with many features. It shortened the long links named as Bitly service but they are different from eachothers. We can use both of them to create short links. If you interested in, read my previous article about how to shorten links with Bitly  service

Shorten URLs With Jelly Web Service Step By Step Guide For Beginners

It is the best choice for everyone who wants to shorten the long url into small size. We can use this tool on many social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest's status bars and everywhere else. We've added lots of features related to saving time, money and effort for users which are available on free of cost. It is awesome! Let me show you the steps below: How To Use Jelly URL? 1) Start creating your own URL using this tool by visiting here or clicking picture below 2) After opening page above, enter the URL in the box and click Continue button. 3) From options we can choose to shorten links with three different link services:

4) Wait a few seconds to fetch results and after this, you will see "Link has been successfully shortened" is written on green background.

5) We will get our short links within several seconds after processing ends. Link is automatically copied into clipboard so that we can paste it anywhere such as Facebook,Twitter or WhatsApp Status Bar easily without any trouble. 6) You can also copy your links by clicking icon below or visit here . It is available on website or mobile version too. 7) You can access all of your created URLs from Dashboard section after login 8) If you want to reset your account, click here or visit Dashboard section then click 'Click Here' link given on top of the page.

That's it! We have successfully created our own short links with this free tool successfully. Read other features below about other services provided by Jelly URL:

* It is available in website and mobile version too, so you can use it from anywhere * You can create long term or permanent URLs if you want to share something permanently * The generated links are QR Codes which contain your custom URL text * Easy to access from anywhere, just bookmark this link [Your Custom Link Text] Or click the icon at bottom of any social media status bar containing a to your webpage * Visit Google Chrome Store for this extension: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/jelly-url-better-link-shorten * Visit Jelly URL official blog here : http://blog.jellytag.com By using this tool, we can save our valuable time and effort as well as automatically sharing important links on social media too!

How To Use JellyURL To Increase Your Web Traffic?

You can use it as a link shortener service to increase your web traffic if you share the links only with the same social networks which you used during creation of links itself. We don't recommend users to spread their links all around online because we didn't know who will click those links and also why they visit our webpage if we don't take care of these things. It is a big no for SEO and online marketing strategy.

Link Shortener Service Example: Make Money With Your Blog By Using These Free Tools

When it comes to link shortening service, this tool also provides you the chance to earn decent money by sharing your links with others. You can use this link shortener free of cost but to earn money from here, you need to upgrade your account into premium version which will cost $9/Month or $99/Year. Why we recommend using their premium service? Because you get unlimited re-tracking URLs , 24h support and other features too. Read more here: How To Link Shorten And Earn Money From Clicks

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HOW TO USE JELLY URL Author: Jelly Tag | Updated: [last-modified] | RSS Feed | Short URL https://www.socialmediatoday.com/users/jelly-url/?format=xml JellyURL is a free link shortener service to share your links with others in simple way. You can create short links from long links easily without any trouble using this tool which have many other useful features too...


it comes to promoting, managing and optimizing your content marketing efforts, you have a lot of balls in the air. This means that there are dozens of tools and services you need to know, understand and use if you want your business to succeed online.

The following 12 link-building strategies will help make sure that your investment of time and money is spent effectively while helping you avoid wasting time on techniques that won't get results.

Shortened version: "Jelly URL might be another tool for people who do link building."

## Why not shorten URLs?

While many people are still making the URL shortener their go to tool when it comes to link building, there are better options available.

For example, using free services like Bitly or Goo.gl may ensure you get a short link, but it also makes the URL impossible for other people to remember . You are basically preventing your visitors from sharing your links with others by taking away one of the biggest benefits of an effective link-building campaign.

You can use completely random words in shortened URLs because they're only used internally, but that means that these links will look suspect and be ignored if shared outside of your network or circle of influence. This is especially true if the shortened message that happens to have a keyword match gets picked up by

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