Is 🏹.to the first Emoji URL shortener?

Is 🏹.to the first Emoji URL shortener?


For those who don't know, the discussion about emoji's effect on communication has been going on for a while. Some people think that using them will ruin normal written English, while others believe they are the future of every language.

The truth is probably somewhere in between all of this. As it always happens when new things arrive, people tend to exaggerate their importance. However, there are statistics publicly available showing how much traffic comes from websites utilizing emojis in their page titles and URLs ( ), which gives us an idea that marketers should not ignore what might turn out to be one of the most important web developments recently .

So yes… Emoji URL shorteners! It may sound silly, but they are actually "a thing". The main problem with them is that, at this point in time, it's quite hard to automatically generate short links that look good and also give the idea of what the link leads to.

You see, when you write text normally, you use some amount of "dictionary words", which are always assumed to have their common meaning. It's true for most languages around the world . For example, in English 😄.to means Smiley 🙂🙂🙃☺😁. However, in Japanese it could very well mean 👍🏻 or 🚮 or anything else!

Which brings us back to our original question… Is there an emoji URL shortener? Well, there is at least one that we know of 😏.ws , but the second part (after the emoji) simply means "watch", and has nothing to do with what you actually get when you visit 👉🏻 https://😏.ws/watch/emojis .

This is why we created 🏹.to , a smart emoji URL shortener! What does this even mean? 🤔

When creating a new short link on our platform, instead of using emojis as separators like other URL shorteners do, we take into account the content of the destination page and pick up several variations for each emoji that will indicate what exactly it leads to:

🌟 = Video


🏠 = Real estate 🏡

📖 = Books 📕

💰 = Money 😄

and so on… In the end, we find a way to give them a meaning that is not too intuitive but still pretty descriptive. This allows users to simply understand what they are about to get from an emoji based URL! And this gets even better when you know that most webpages have meaningful titles or subtitles! Simply double click on any of the emojis in the list and it will take you there, where you can see exactly how they match up.

So far we have over 500 topics matching more than 350 variations for each emoji so the chances of finding at least one match are pretty high!

But 🏹.to is not just emojis… We also allow you to use regular English words that exist in the dictionary, which will then be turned into cool looking images like this 👉🏻 https://🏹.to/elon-musk .

We also provide an easy way to get statistics about your short links so you can know exactly how people discovered them, what they clicked on and how much time they spent once there… There's even a mobile version available so you don't need to go to our main website every time 😄👌🏻

There are other URL shorteners with similar features but we've been the first ones in implementing emoji support in a way that actually let's you know what they mean before visiting the site 😏

Hope you found this interesting and we'll be happy to see your feedback or questions in the comments below.

Article ends here, don't copy it verbatim, tell us if we missed something important, give us suggestions for improving it, etc… We would appreciate you attributing our work with a link back though 🔅 Oh! And also… Thanks for reading 😄👌🏻

(by the way, if you'd like to chat with us right away please add 👉🏻 https://www.🏹.to/elon-musk on Skype)

When should I use emojis?

Using emojis in text is not that common in most languages. However, link titles and descriptions are a whole different matter! They tend to be just a couple of words long sometimes so why not add some 😄?

It's easier to express something with the help of emojis than with regular dictionary words, which you probably already know if you were using them when they were still called emoticons 🙃 . That is because:

1️⃣ Emojis can represent many different things at once through their form and color (see table) whereas dictionary english words usually only have one meaning each.

2️⃣ You can use multiple emojis in a row without having any impact on title or description length, whereas most dictionary words do.

3️⃣ Emojis are very wide spread and this is not expected to change in the near future (at least not for some time). Whereas new words come and go (especially "internet slang" 😄).

4️⃣ You can use emojis safely everywhere without having to bother about special characters or encoding issues since these are handled by our platform 🔒 . Whereas you may have already seen weird looking, broken sentences with unknown characters everywhere because of mistyping an emoji 😱😭. Besides, it's fun!

How can I use emojis?

Emojis exist as a standard called Unicode which means that every character/emoji (👍🏻), is encoded and handled the same way on every system and application. This means that:

1️⃣ You can copy and paste emojis from any website or application into your title or description without having to worry about hidden characters 🔨 or mistakes while editing.

2️⃣ Your emoji are sent to our server just like regular text so you don't have to bother about encoding issues or about being charged extra for using emojis 😅 . We take care of converting everything into an URL format that actually works 😉 .

3️⃣ Emojis have unique visualization characteristics which makes it easy to spot them in a list. You can simply use our platform's statistics page to see how our unique link visualization works.

4️⃣ You can now choose between different emoji variations for your links 😎 .

5️⃣ It's really easy to use emojis with 🏹.to even if you don't own a domain yet! Just create an account and give it a try, no strings attached! 👨‍💻😉

Psssst… Did you know that all emojis are actually just images? So instead of pasting them directly into your title or description you can simply copy the image url and use it anywhere, even for branding purposes 🆒 ! This is possible because we allow direct linking from any page to another 🏹.

What emojis does 🏹.to use?

🔍 Since our technology considers the actual content of a page as well as its title and description when deciding on a final emoji sequence we're able to emit different results for every article out there 👀 . This keeps things fresh and interesting, you will literally never see the same link twice 😜 . Our system also calculates a "surprise" probability that works behind the scenes to make your share even more special 😉 . You can always access our statistics page if you want to check how it works in detail! 👌

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