ipTRACKERonline  #  MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

ipTRACKERonline # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


Is it the IP address of a particular website that you wish to track? Or is it an IP address of a friend whose location you want to discover? Whatever the reason might be, ipTRACKERonline will not disappoint you. Whether it’s email header analysis or IP geolocation, this tool allows you to carry out all sorts of tracking and analyses related to IP right from your browser. 

Let us get started with one of the most basic uses of ipTRACKERonline. This would help you get familiarized with some of the main features offered by this tool.

Enter an IP address in the text box given at  and click on "Track". The system will immediately fetch details related to that particular IP address. This includes country, region, city, zip code, latitude and longitude etc.

For instance if you go on to  and key in the IP address ‘’ which is of Google web server of California, United States you will get detailed information about it as shown below


· The name of the ISP hosting this particular IP address is "Google Inc".


· The name of the country where this IP address has been registered is "United states of America".

Similarly, for any other website whose ipTRACKERonline had happen to grab hold on its server's location might be easily accessible through our tool too. So apart from just knowing about an ip address all that you can do is analyze it with ipTRACKERonline to fetch even more information.

For instance, if you go into  and type in the IP address ‘’ which belongs to google web server of California, US you will get the following information

You can also input multiple IP addresses for tracking at once and view your results alongwith their corresponding location on a world map as well. For instance if you want to find out details related to all websites hosted by Google servers then simply key in all these Google IP addresses into the text box given at

Once you are done, click on ‘Track’ and ipTRACKERonline will list out all the information related to these Google servers.

Moreover if you wish to find out location of any country or city; you can also conveniently do that through our tool. For instance, if you type in "India" in the text box given at  the system will automatically analyze it against your current IP address (since we cannot track the location of a particular person's computer) and show various results depending upon how many websites have been hosted from India as well as found by users from India. The results may vary but rest assured they will be from different countries where this country name has been taken by websites.

If you are wondering how ipTRACKERonline can help you out with email header analysis, well the answer is simple. Though email header information may not exactly reveal the location of the sender but it will surely show you which SMTP server is hosting that particular mail service. For instance if your friend Gary has sent an email using gmail then go into

and check out for yourself where does this gmail-based email reside on the internet or at least discover through which SMTP server does it operate from so as to get a clear idea of its geographical location.

You can also find out about any domain name’s reverse DNS values on our tool too. A reverse DNS value simply means what is the domain name of the IP address. So for instance if you go into

and type in ‘’ to find out its reverse DNS value then your results will be very simple and straight forward, as shown below

For more details about reverse DNS click here . Please note that ipTRACKERonline is not just restricted to Google servers only but it gives you general information about any website's server which gets analyzed by our tool anytime an online visitor happens to use our system at the same time when he/she browses that particular site too. By this way we can get hold of all sorts of information related to a single website including location etc., right from the user who has visited it through us simultaneously.

In case you don’t like to go through all the hassle of measuring your current IP address and then entering it into our tool, fret not! We have got an even easier workaround for you. You can simply copy paste any website’s URL (whose server ipTRACKERonline has managed to grab hold upon) directly in our system and we will not only show you what is its geographical location but also give you a brief idea about the ISP it belongs too. For instance if you want to find out from which ISP does Google servers operate from then just key in ‘’ as their website URL into

and there you go! The entire information related to this particular website will pop up in front of your eyes!

Although our tools main role is to give you information related to a website’s server, you can even get detailed information about an email address on ipTRACKERonline. For instance if you have received any suspicious mail from [email protected] and want to find out more about him/her or at least know his/her ISP then simply paste ‘[email protected]’ as their email id into

and voila there it is! A list of all the ISP providers under which [email protected] has been hosted upon. You can also click on any particular link given on the results page in order to get more information about that ISP.

Based upon the geographical location of a website, ipTRACKERonline can also be used to search for its competitors who are operating from another country too. For instance if you want to find out what are the names of all the websites that are based in India then

Simply go into

and type ‘India’ as their business name and click on Search button. The results will show you with all sorts of websites that are hosted from India including their official address. Although this is not directly related to our core motive but it still proves itself useful.

If you have found someone suspicious or weird by tracking his/her IP address with ipTRACKERonline then make use of its email header analysis feature in

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