IP Location # matchurl

IP Location # matchurl


The IP address is the ultimate identifier of a device. It's on all our devices, whether it's a laptop or an iPhone or something else. People can often figure out your general location with this number, but more often than not they cannot pinpoint down to where you are exactly. But, if you want others to have this info for yourself including country and city details, you should use some IP finder sites that help in knowing the person behind an IP.

IP location lookup is one such service that gives out information about any IP address along with its user agent data too, apart from the basic things like ISP, organization/company name etc.

You can get not only the geolocation but also extract interesting stuff of other types like the search engine, the browser used and the proxy. This provides more than enough information for investigating your online activities or maybe even spying on you.

The best this about this service is that it is free of cost and does not ask for any personal information from you in return too. It works with all browsers and all operating systems be it iOS, Windows or Android.

So next time when you need to know where a device is connected from, make use of one of these IP locator websites to get the full details over a single click.

Before going into how to do an IP lookup, here are some useful articles that will help you get familiar with this technology:

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Find out the location of any website or domain. (No signup needed.)

View detailed information about an IPv4 address, including country, region, city, coordinates latitude/longitude and more. (No signups needed.)  This service can also help you find info on email addresses.

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How to do a IP lookup

Step 1: Pick the first IP Lookup website from here .

Step 2: Paste your IP address in its respective field and click submit.

Step 3: The tool will tell you all about it like ISP, organization/company name etc. along with the geolocation of that particular IP address. You can also extract other info too like search engine, browser used and proxy plus many more others.

Now, how easy was it? Another great thing is that this service is free and does not require any registration or sign up every time you use their tools which makes it good for everyday usage even by non-techies as well – because we don't always need technical information to learn who we are dealing with online – we just need to know if our information is safe and whether we can trust the person.

Best Sites for IP Location Lookup:

- This one has a large database of ISP names and company names plus the geolocations as well as other interesting stuff like what browser was used, which proxy, screen resolution etc.

 - This service also provides you with not only the basic details like country, city but also stuff like user agent data, mobile carrier name and mobile network code (MNC). It is exactly same as mentioned above except that it has some additional information which makes it one step ahead in crowd.

- Search and find the location of any IP address with this tool. It is good for those who want to know where exactly a particular website or service is hosted.

- Another great site, exact same as above except it does not require registration at all. But, there is no such search feature so if you are interested in knowing more about an IP address than just its geolocation then you may not like this one.

- This free online service provides you with the basic information like city, latitude and longitude but that too without popups and ads – which makes it my favorite (and also yours) .  You can check the locations of websites by simply adding their URLs too.

- We previously mentioned this service here .

- This one is also very interesting as it does not provide just the basic information about an IP address but provides some additional fun facts which makes it more interesting. For example, if you want to know why Facebook loads slow then you can check the location of your current IP here and see how they found you. It works with device too like iPhone, Macbook etc. plus it is free of cost (though they ask for donation).

- I actually don't like this site because all they provide is the geolocation (not coordinates) along with ISP which can easily be guessed by people who are experts at doing these kind of stuffs; however, most users will find this page pretty quick and easy to use.  It can be used in many other ways too like finding the location of any IP address, email etc.

- This is similar to find-IPaddress . It also provides some additional information about the IP address which makes it good for basic search but not much valuable. You can check your IP using this tool or just visit them in case you forget it often.    

- Here's another one in the list with quite unique features because it actually lets you hide your IP whenever you want by clicking on hide my ip button (you'll need to verify via email though). However, what I especially like about this service is that they give an option to change your current IP; however, if you do get caught then there will be penalty fee (to be paid via phone).

- IP Finder is another great online service which provides the person who is looking for information about an IP address with all necessary data. It has a simple interface and can be used by anyone because it doesn't require installation to use.

- Using this free site, you can find out where your server or any other IP address really is located. There are currently over 3 million active IPs that are being looked up every month so you are always welcome to check it out.      Though I do not recommend using proxies much because they could be dangerous if someone uses them maliciously but in case of emergency then only proxy tools should be used. There are several types of proxies available online like HTTP, SOCKS

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