“Intuitive URL Shortening Tool with Analytics”

“Intuitive URL Shortening Tool with Analytics”


The Web is getting bigger and bigger. The number of websites, pages and content grows day by day. This makes it more difficult to handle. Users aren’t able to easily share this information with their friends and family, making them lose interest and not wanting to go back to the website.

For example: if someone has a link on a certain topic and another person wants the same link, but shortened only with the title, users would have two links that lead to mostly the same page; wasting space in your browser's history or bookmarks list (if you even bother saving it).

Since all this makes for bad user experience, URL shortening services were created. They help shorten links into tiny URLs for easy sharing while still keeping them pointing to the original website.


Website owners know that is very important for users to shorten their links, so they started creating these services on their own websites. This lead to many different sites with shortened URLs, but not all of them provide good results. Some do it free while others charge you for using their service and most of them track what people are linking to through your website (website owners don’t like this).

So in order not to overload your bookmarks or browser's history list with redundant links, one needs something better; he/she needs an intuitive URL shortener service that doesn't require registration; simple and quick to use; getting rid of annoying ads everywhere; providing analytics with data about which links were shortened and where they were shared; doesn't need the website owner to create an account and last but not least, it has to be completely free.

That's why I created URL Shortener as a Google Chrome extension. It does everything mentioned above and much more.


I used JavaScript for this project because of its simplicity. You can read about how it works on Github  or if you want to test the code yourself, visit CodePen . If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to leave a comment below. You can also check out my demo video or leave a comment there too! Thank you for reading this article, don’t forget to share this page with others if you liked it! :)

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URL Shortener is a Google Chrome extension written in JavaScript as one HTML file and five CSS files (three of those are optional). It doesn't require any registration or login and it is completely free to use. The way it works is simple: you give the extension a link and it will return a tiny URL pointing to that page. If your browser's history list isn't very full and you're looking for an efficient tool with analytics then this might be just for you! :) Feel free to leave your feedback by leaving a comment below or sending an email to [email protected] . I hope you like it and if you do, please rate and share this article! :) Now let's see how it works.

Go to the Google Chrome store  and install URL Shortener. After it's installed, go to your extensions page by clicking on the three dots in the top right corner > More tools > Extensions .

Once there, you'll see URL Shortener added to your list of extensions. Click on its icon and start using it!

After opening up a link through any means you just have to click "Shorten" and that's all. A tiny URL will appear under the full one you started with.

Supported websites are: Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Youtube, Reddit, WikiHow & Digg (more coming soon) :) Feel free to leave your feedback below or send an email at [email protected] . Thanks! :)

For more information, visit the official webpage:

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