hoy.kr - Korean URL Shortener Service

hoy.kr - Korean URL Shortener Service


Today, we would like to introduce hoy.kr - a Korean URL Shortener Service.

hoy.kr is currently the most popular URL shortening service among internet users in Korea . It has already registered more than 300 000 unique visitors per day and is continuing to grow rapidly.

This article will explain how you can use Hoy (Korean word for today) as your own short URL service provider at no cost !  

Short URLs are very useful when posting messages on Twitter or Facebook because they allow you to write longer messages while keeping them relatively short so other people could easily read it without having to click on too many links. Also , using short URLs makes it easier for other people to cut& long web addresses into their browsers.

Although there are many free URL shortening services that you can find online, hoy.kr is unique because it can be used in Korean language as well. hoy.kr URLs are also very easy to remember and share since they consist of your search keywords (e.g., blog , twitter) + "hoy."

Let's start using hoy.kr to shorten links!   

First , head over to hoy.kr   site   and register an account by filling up required information into proper boxes . All the input boxes are filled with predefined English words for your convenience so all you have to do is read them carefully !   

Next , open HoyURL Manager by clicking the icon next to " Account nickname " box on the upper right corner of your screen .   

You can create a new HoyURL by entering a keyword into " New HoyURL ." You will then see a confirmation page that tells you how long the URL will be and whether or not it has already been used by someone else. ( Note: Maximum of 10 URLs for each search keyword ! )   

Now, you just have to copy your short link and paste it wherever you want!       

If you are searching for HoyURLs with specific keywords , use " Search Hoy URLs ' in place of " New Hoy URL ". You'll have to click on the bookmarklet instead to get back the list of results when done .  

To delete any existing HoyURLS , click on the " Delete HoyURLs " next to each of them .   

Last but not least , if you want to get rid of your current Hoy.kr account , click on the " Delete Account " button at the upper right corner and re - enter your password .   

If you have any questions regarding hoy.kr service , feel free to join Korean's largest social networking site, me2day .com and leave a message there !  

Hope you find this article useful !"

I think this is a smart idea, posting messages online is now easier with these short URLs. I like the Korean version as well. If you guys know of any more unique URLs like this, please do let me know! Enjoy!

Thank's for reading!

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