How we rated the best URL shorteners

How we rated the best URL shorteners



These are big points to consider when thinking about what URL shortener you want to use, but it's also good to look at the other factors that make up the service like ease of use, features, etc.

Price: free / paid (premium)

URLshrink is free and offers 1GB of storage (while other services give 100MB), while their premium packages start at $6/month for 2GB to $27/month for 200GB.

Another note worth mentioning is that Linkis began their journey as an advertising platform before branching out into URL shortening services. This has allowed them to offer more than just a simple API integration with developers looking for an ad platform. They have also rolled out support across a number of ad platforms including Sina Weibo and LinkedIn

Features: free / paid

Free URL shortening service. No API available, but a responsive interface that is easy to use either on a computer or a mobile device.

It is worth noting here that Bitly does offer an application for iOS devices which will link you directly through the app when installed. Price: free / $1 per month (premium)

This is one of the oldest URL shorteners still in existence, having started operations in 2002. They also were once owned by Google before being sold off to Betable Inc in 2012, who changed their name to Smarturl in 2013 after acquiring Tumblr's custom url shortener tlr . Their free service offers you 1,000 shortlinks to use and 100MB of storage, while their premium service starts at $13/month for 50,000 shortlinks and 500MB of storage.

Features: free / paid is a well known URL shortener that has been in business since 2009 and is owned by the company Control Bionics Inc. They offer a very simple solution to shorten URLs with 2 plans: Free and Pro .

Their pro plan includes features such as custom domain titling (e.g.,, email notifications when someone clicks on link, detailed reports about clicks and mentions, social media tools like Twitter cards etc. Price: free / $0.99 per month (premium) is a relatively new URL shortening service, with the first incarnation of the service beginning operations in 2011 and has since changed hands twice (2011-Smartfeed LLC, 2014-Rippln Media).

They offer a free plan that includes unlimited shorten URLs, storage up to 1GB , API integration for website or app developers looking to speed up their applications, 3rd party integration including Buffer, Evernote etc. Their premium plan starts at $6/month for 2GB of storage and offers many one click integrations including email marketing tools like MailChimp or one click social media sharing tools like Buffer or Hootsuite. They have no API but do have API request form if you are looking to implement into your own website or application.

Features: free / paid

Adioma is a URL shortening service that was created out of need for a better way to interpret and implement research data . They offer a very simple service to shorten any webpage, and the only plan they offer starts at $6/month which includes 1GB storage and all features such as link tracking, iPad app etc.

Price: free / $12 per month (premium) is another new player on the market who began operations in 2014, but their team has been working together for over 12 years now.

Their plans range from the free 500kb link limit with no API support, to their premium offering which comes in at $12/month for 50,000 links with full API support.

Features: free / paid is another new player on the market who began operations in 2014, but their team has been working together for over 12 years now. They offer a free account which comes with 100 characters to use as short title and some basic tracking features such as clicks , link clickthroughs and sources . Their premium plans range from $8/month (1GB storage) to $25/month (5GB storage). Users of Cloaker Pro can expect features like more advanced analytics, custom shortened links through an HTTP request or CURL and embeddable widgets that will expose your url onto any webpage you desire.

Price: free / $15-30 per month (paid)

Digg is a news aggregator with a somewhat cult following and is well known for changing the way we look at social media and news stories, as well as taking on big players like Facebook and Google . What many people don't know about Digg however, is that they also have an URL shortening service under their belt.

They offer 2 plans : Free plan which includes up to 100 shortened link credits per month, 10mb storage , referral attribution tracking, custom domains support starting at $5/month , 25mb of storage space. Their premium plans start at $10/month for 500link credits per month along with other features such as more advanced analytics , multiple user account management, custom domains , unlimited storage etc.

Features: free / paid is a URL shortening service that specializes in social media marketing (Twitter specifically). The company was founded in 2010 and is best known for their advanced Twitter analytics , which allow users to track engagements, mentions, hashtags used on the platform including others like Facebook or Instagram.

They offer 3 plans : Free plan includes 5 shortened links, 2200 total characters per month (including link tracking), 100mb of storage space; Grow Big plan - $10/month allows you to shorten up to 1,000 total links per month with full link tracking support & 100k character limit ; Pro plan - $20-30/month allows you to manage multiple Twitter accounts and track up to 10,000 links per month with full link tracking support.


Features: paid

Directr is a URL shortener that was built to help you shorten your links, while at the same time giving you full control over how they are displayed . This way you can customize each link separately to match what it's trying to promote. Directr offers 3 plans starting at $4/month (2 links) and ranging up to $48/month (200 links). Their plans include features like custom URLs, analytics, SMS support for their premium plan users etc.

Price: free / $1-20 per month (paid)


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