How to Use Copy Short URL

How to Use Copy Short URL


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How to Use Copy Short URL Written by Nihanth Subramanya on September 25th, 2010 When you visit a website that has already shortened one of the supported URLs (,, in its address bar, copy short URL will notice this and replace the current address with the shortened version automatically.(1) If it can't find an already shortened URL, it will create one for you based on your domain  preference settings. This is ideal for anyone who wants to forward text/URI-coded links to others via email or social networks like Twitter without having them "click" on the link first.(2) Installation Visit Firefox Add-ons at Click on the "Add to Firefox" button. It will ask you if you want to download the file set up.html, which has all of the screenshots for this article.(3) Using Copy Short URL Once installed, copy short URL should be live in any page where one of the supported URLs are being shared. If it isn't active, look for a green indicator near your address bar that says "Copy Short URL is On." By default it will attempt to capture links since these are among the most common around today. You can change this preference via options or by clicking on its icon and changing it from there.(4) Keeping your preferences In the preferences you can set a domain preference for how to generate these short links. If you're using Twitter or Google Buzz this is where you'll want to set up your options.(5) Common Usage Scenarios - will automatically convert Daring Fireball into Add, don't copy: No custom shortening URL available Copy Short URL generates short link based on my own server & settings How do I get rid of this? It's great!

I don't want this on at all. - It will first attempt links and then fall back to your domain preference if it can't find an appropriate one or you have this option deselected. You can also click its icon and choose "Edit options" from the dropdown menu.(6) Options In the preferences, there are a few small but critical features for email services you use as well as Bitly if you've decided to subscribe to their service.(7) Known Issues & Future Development No support for FireEagle yet. I'd love a patch implementing a more accurate short URL service if anyone has one!(8) Notes 1: The green notification is not necessary, you may do something like that to indicate to your users that they've done something special. 2: If you happen to be using a site like Twitter where shortening URLs isn't supported, you could get away with: 3: You can decode this into something useful by visiting 4: By clicking on the copy short URL icon and choosing "Edit options..." from the dropdown menu.(9) 5: The default is set up for Google Buzz so if you aren't using this service it will require you to change it in order to take advantage of all its features. 6: Look for a green icon that says "Copy Short URL is On."(10) 7: They are explained in the next section. 8: There's a difference between accurate and learnable though, FireEagle is more of the latter than the former. 9: You'll want to click on this once you've installed it so you can find your preferences quickly later on.(11) 10: If I was going to add one feature it would be an indicator for the number of URLs captured if possible. 11: It won't overwrite existing settings if they exist already.(12) That's it. Please feel free to email me any questions or comments!(13)

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