How to use a short URL and earn money?

How to use a short URL and earn money?


A short URL is a much simpler way to share large URLs with friends via email or Facebook, or in an instant message. For example, the following link will take you to

However, if you have it shortened through any of the below services, you can use the following code instead:

Shortening this URL through bitly, for example only takes three keystrokes to type out! They offer their users analytics so that they can see where all clicks came from and how many there were, what days people clicked most often etc., which makes the service even more enticing to users.

Here are some of the highest-quality services out there that you can use to shorten your URLs:

Using these services is very easy, just go to the website and type in your long URL into their box, put in an email address or username if they need one for login purposes (this varies depending on the site), pick a password, and click "Shorten!" - it's as simple as that. Most sites offer shortened links in either be/ x /zz/. Bear in mind that bitly will not accept URLs with ? or = at either end, though any other service should do absolutely fine. It also isn't recommended that you try to use for business purposes because tinyurl only offers plain text URLs, not HTML. You can also use these services to make anonymous donations - if you know the URL of a site like The Pirate Bay or KickassTorrents but don't want people knowing your credit card info, just shorten the link through tinyurl and send it anonymously!

What do I need?

All you need is internet access and an email address (to sign up with) or username (for some sites). That's it! It's so simple to create short links that anyone can do it.

How much money can I earn?

Shortening through bitly isn't free; you'll have to pay $5/month for 5,000 shortened links per month or $10/month for 15,000. However, their $5/month plan is literally just to shorten links. You can save your shortened links and Tweet them later for free.

Earnings vary across all these sites: some give you a certain percentage of ad revenue, others allow you to set up affiliate promotions through them and earn money that way, and other sites allow you to donate your earnings or save up if you don't want to spend it right away. Even the site that doesn't pay any money gives users analytics on how they are using their short URLs - which they may find valuable in itself!

When do I get paid?

Paypal pays out once per month on the 1st, regardless of when you joined (or whether or not you've earned anything).

Here are some guidelines as well as a general idea of how much money you can earn from these sites:

·         Linkbucks - You get paid for as many shortened links as you want, but the shorter your link is, the more advertisers will pay you. For example, if 50 people click through on an advert that pays $1/click, you will earn $50. Shortened URLs must be at least 6 characters long.

· - You get paid per advertisement clicked through on your shortened URL (minimum payout of $5). There is also another tier where publishers can work their way up to earning up to $10 per 1,000 views earned instead of 100%. This requires creating a lot of short, high-quality links and using certain site features. Generally, you can expect to earn around $1/shortened link (although the amount varies greatly depending on your niche).

· - You get 25% ad revenue for every 1,000 views (minimum payout of $10). That means if 10 people click on an advert that pays $0.30 per click, you will make 75 cents. The maximum amount of money you can make is 250 dollars per month or 3,000 clicks per month with free membership; up to 5000 clicks with paid memberships starting at 5 euros. If one person makes 5 euro's they are earning more than most part time jobs! There are also a lot of features that publishers can use if they wish to earn more money.

·         AtuoBux - You get paid by the amount of clicks you make, plus by referral bonuses. The earnings per click vary depending on how popular your niche is (income potentials are usually much higher within specific niches compared to others). For example, if 10 people click on an advert that pays $0.20/click, you will earn $2 for every 20 people who visit through your shortened link--i.e., 100 clicks = $20 (however there are also other factors like bidding and traffic quality which affect this figure). This site allows you to set up your own ads or bids or include affiliate links instead; no PayPal payments available.

· - You get paid per thousand views (minimum payout of $10). There are also other ways to earn money, like creating an account and writing comments on Google+ or Twitter which can help you be seen by people wanting to use the same services as you offer.

·         SnipURL - You get paid $0.05 for every 1,000 views up to $5 maximum ($2 for reaching 20,000 views) (minimum payout of 0.005 BTC). This site is set up like where users need referral credits before they can cash out their earnings (1,000 credits = 1 cent; 10,000 credits = 1 dollar; 100,000 credits = 10 dollars).

·         Linkbucks - You get paid for as many shortened links as you want, but the shorter your link is, the more ads will pay you. For example, if 50 people click through on an ad that pays $1/click, you will earn $50. Shortened URLs must be at least 6 characters long.

·         TweetAdder - This site allows you to make money by adding #Hashtags to your Tweets; these hashtags can help draw attention to certain products or companies and users will want to click on those links (earnings vary depending on interest in hashtags and bids per tweet but they do give a free trial).

How much time does it take?

The amount of time you spend using the sites will vary, but generally speaking, you can create a few hundred links per hour. Generally, if you post more than 50 posts at once (the limit for most shortening services) your posts might not be approved by moderators; if this does happen, then expect to wait at least 24 hours before posting again (this is common with and Linkbucks for example).

How much money can I make?

Shorten URLs are typically used on social media sites like Twitter or Facebook; the more people who click through to shortened links within these sites will determine how much money you can potentially earn. The actual figure may vary depending on other factors such as current bids, how many people use your links, etc. In general, if you're promoting services that aren't focused towards a very specific audience (e.g., adult related services), then expect to make around $0.0001-0.0002 per person who clicks through from Twitter or Facebook (you may also make money from Google+ depending on what type of service you promote). The exact amount will depend on the popularity of your links and how high a bidder is willing to pay for it.

· - You can earn as much as $1/1000 views from just one viral site alone; combine this with other sites and using hashtags in Tweets, shorteners which send traffic to popular sites like YouTube, etc. and you can generate a very good income indeed (however it is easier to make money with if your website or service targets a very specific audience).

· - This site pays the least amount of money per view, but many people are using this service because it's extremely easy to earn money through referrals (the higher your referrals, the more you will earn). You can expect around $0.00033-4/1000 views on average, depending on what type of services use links for their posts/adverts--you'll have faster earnings if your posts are about adult related services or games typically played by young adults college students who have easy access to credit cards (credit card companies typically pay $0.0002-$0.0005 per click).

How do the sites make money?

Shorten URLs are actually not very effective for advertising services or products because they can be easily spammed; this is why you'll normally see small text ads on the pages where you need to paste your shortened links (you won't get paid if people skip over these ads, but they're still useful to increase earnings). The sites will offer advertisers more exposure in exchange for revenue-sharing agreements--to the user it's free to use, but behind the scenes there are ways that these shortening services help generate income for themselves and their partners.

· - This site has a very large network of advertisers, but their ads are mostly focused on PTC websites (Paid to Click), dating sites, online games, etc. These can be very profitable if your target audience is typically young adults who have access to credit cards or PayPal wallets; they may not be as popular on sites that target other demographics because some ads linked with this service are NSFW (not safe for work).

·       Linkbucks - This site also offers plenty of options for advertisers and users alike, so it helps generate income for both parties involved. Although there are more than 200 options available on the site, I've noticed that common services like adult-related products tend to convert better than traffic related services. If you're using this service, expect to earn an average of $0.0001-0.0003/1000 views for adult related services; you'll earn more if your content targets college students who can easily access their credit cards (credit card companies typically pay out $0.0002-$0.0005 per click).

What other sites can I use to make money?

If you're looking for something less spammy and more focused on niche markets, then take a look at the following link shorteners:

·       Linkis - This site offers around 10 different services that are typically used by businesses or users interested in promoting specific types of products or services within certain niches (niche is just another word for "type of", e.g. adult-related web sites are a type of niche). Some examples include (for selling products), Linktally (used by companies to promote their brands), or even for RSS feeds; because there are only 10 types of service offered, you'll earn an average of $0.0005/1000 views on average if your posts target general audiences (sites which target young adults who have easy access to credit cards typically generate the most income with this shortener).

·       Bitly - This is one of the most popular shorteners available, but they also offer CPM (cost per mile) ads like and; because it's so easy to get referrals, this site helps generate more income for everyone involved with the services. If you have a large amount of referrals using your affiliate link, expect to earn an average of $0.0005/1000 views--it will go even higher if most of your traffic is targeted towards young adults who typically use high-risk credit cards (credit card companies pay out $0.0002-$0.0008 per click).

· - This service has some international appeal that can help increase earnings; it's like in that there are no ads on the page where you input links (you'll see text ads at the bottom), but some links offered by this shortener don't allow adult related content or CPM ads (because it's typically used by people to share images and videos, e.g. YouTube and Vimeo). You'll earn an average of $0.0005/1000 views--the more referrals you have in the program, the higher your income will be; if you want to increase earnings further with this service, make sure to sign up through an account that has a large amount of referrals (example: if you have three accounts with 10 referrals each, you'll earn $0.0005/1000 views * 30 referrals = $1.50 per 1000 views).

·       Ppyple - While this site does not offer CPM ads like the others mentioned

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