How to Shorten URLs Using Google Chrome

How to Shorten URLs Using Google Chrome


            For those who use Google Chrome as their preferred web browser, it has a built-in way of shortening URLs and sharing them via social media. All you need to do is download and install an extension that can be found here:

            Once the extension is installed, visit any website with long links such as Facebook, look for the icon on the top right corner of your screen next to the search bar. You should see a picture like this:

Click on it and you'll notice that now there's another option available which says "Shorten URL" (if you're not seeing Shorten URL, press Ctrl+Shift+I , go to Extensions | Developer mode). Here, type whatever {{more}} link you want to shorten and choose the application you want to use.

Currently, there are 7 applications: , (Google), (Hootsuite), and Tinyurl . You can preview how each will shorten the URL by clicking on Preview link next to each one of them before choosing which extension you prefer. Clicking on any of those extensions will automatically shorten your current URL and give you a new access to it via social media or email right away if you chose that option during installation of the Chrome extension.

                                                 Once done with shortening your long URL, clicking on Copy link text will copy just the shortened part while copying full link address will let you have both versions for future use in case the one you have isn't working anymore.

For those who would like to use a bookmarklet for this purpose, simply drag and drop the Google URL Shortener link above to your bookmarks bar. When clicking on it, you'll be presented with an input box where you can paste your long web address and access it via social media or email right away:

            Now when you want to shorten a URL, all you need to do is visit the website in question and click on your bookmarklet. Doing so will bring up yet another input box where you can paste your long link and then choose which application you want Google Chrome to use.

Google Chrome doesn't limit its users with just one or two options of shortening URLs via extensions or bookmarklets, but gives them more control over the service they're using by giving them multiple choices. Nevertheless, both options are equally effective at what they do - making long URLs shorter while giving their users easier access to them whenever they need it.

Author's note: This article is written to give the reader a better understanding of how to shorten URLs using Google Chrome. However, please keep in mind that this article is not written with an intention to explain everything about the topic nor should it be used as a guide for writing one's own articles. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. Thank you for reading this article.

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