How to shorten the link?

How to shorten the link?


A web link is the term used to describe a hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) or HTTPS address that links to content on the World Wide Web. A website's URL usually includes its domain name, hosting provider and page address. Many companies use this type of online communication to inform customers about their products, brands, events and news updates. The technique is also helpful for providing information about copyright issues and legal requirements. New promotional strategies involve sharing shorter versions of longer links, or shortened links, with others via Internet-connected devices such as smartphones.


How do I shorten my URLs?


There are many shortening services available online which allow you to shorten your URLs using custom domains or subdomains at no cost. MIT's PGP key server, for example, allows you to create a shorter version of your long URL by generating a special code that can be used to access the full link. Bitly is another useful application that creates short links using custom domains and subdomains. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter also allow you to shorten links in order to post them on their respective platforms.


How do I share my shortened URLs?


Shortened URLs can be shared with others via personal devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers. Some services even provide users with tracking tools so they can view how many times their links have been clicked on or forwarded via email or instant messages. Generally speaking, these services are compatible with most web browsers and operating systems including Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X.


How do I use a shortened link?


Shortened URLs are accessible from any web browser, regardless of the user's location. Once you have obtained a short URL for your preferred online platform, enter it into the address bar of your chosen browser to access its website and content. Shorteners such as Bitly also provide users with instant previews and detailed statistics about each link they create. This information can be accessed even if you aren't connected to the Internet at that time. Shorter links take up less space on social networking sites and help keep updates succinct for those who follow them. It is important to note that shortened URLs may expire over time depending on how you retrieve them, so it is best to bookmark your preferred URL shortener for future reference.


How can I protect my shortened URLs?


Since many online platforms and providers create these links on behalf of their users, they often send you an email notification when a new link is created using your account. Make sure to read such notifications as soon as possible because they may contain important updates or information about the website that the link points to. Never click on a shortened URL if you didn't generate it yourself, especially if you received it from another user via instant messaging or email. Use caution when clicking on any shortened link and make sure to investigate its destination first before entering your login credentials and details about other personal accounts. If you need help creating a shorter version of your URL, contact the platform you were using when you created it.


How to shorten urls?

Many online services can help create short versions of longer website addresses, known as URLs (uniform resource locator), in order to make them more manageable e.g. if they are too long. This is done by creating a shorter version that redirects to the original address via a custom domain or subdomain which is provided by the service. Some of these services require users to sign up for an account in order to use their service but there are also many available that do not require an account in order for you complete this task. These include:

- Bitly




- Shorturl - Never enter your login details for any of the services into a shortened url that you were not generated yourself, especially if it was sent to you via email or instant messaging as these may be phishing scams which aim to steal your login information. If you need help creating a shorter version of your URL, contact the service which you used when generating the original link and they will be able to help. We hope this helps! - The ITunes U team.

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