How to shorten links in Buffer for Business

How to shorten links in Buffer for Business


How to shorten links

Everyone knows what link shorteners are best used for, right? A tool that turns a long, messy URL into something shorter and cleaner. How do you use Short URLs in your business?

Shorten URLs with Buffer  for Business

Buffer has several features that can help you shorten URLs so they’re easier to share and track.

Shorten a link  with Buffer’s tiny URL

1. First, grab a new short link from the Buffer dashboard by clicking “Get a Link” under the app’s icon. You can use an existing custom domain (like, or create a new one from here.

2. You can then shorten any link by pasting it into the “Add Link” field and clicking the Shorten button. The shortened version of your URL will automatically appear in a pop-up window, as well as being copied to your clipboard so you can paste it anywhere you’d like.

Shorten a link  with Buffer’s API token

1. If you want to shorten URLs outside of your Buffer dashboard, start by creating an API token (under the gear icon in the top right corner). You’ll then be given a key that lets you use our API (for free), which will allow you to shorten links with any website or app that supports this.

2. To create the shortened version of the URL, copy and paste your API key into this API request URL  (which also includes instructions on how to do it) and hit Enter/Return on your keyboard. The shortened version of your link will automatically appear below in a pop up window, as well as being copied to your clipboard.

You can apply the shortened link to posts on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn from your Buffer account or from any app that supports URL shortening, like HootSuite. Along with tracking clicks and conversions for this link, you can also see how many times each link has been clicked across all of your profiles in a single view within your Analytics dashboard .

Track clicks  and conversions with Google Analytics

1. After adding a new link to our Buffer dashboard (it’s one of the first options under the “Add a Link” field) we can begin tracking how it performs across different social media sites. This will provide insight into whether people are clicking through to your site as well what happens once they land.

2. You can see all of this information, including click and conversion reports, within your Analytics account. If you don’t have one already, sign up for a free Google Analytics account to get started tracking the performance of posts made across different profiles with link shorteners.

Shorten links  with Bitly

Bitly is another popular service that will allow you to shorten URLs and track them across social media sites like Twitter and Facebook . With these tools we’re able to connect multiple accounts (like Buffer) in order to track clicks and conversions on each link in a single view in Google Analytics.

By: Maxime Rieman


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