How do You Make Money with URL Shorteners?

How do You Make Money with URL Shorteners?


As a blogger, you might have used short URLS to make them easy for your readers to remember and also reduced the time. Shortening long links with url shorteners is a great way to save space when sharing them via social media platforms or emails.


We will be analyzing these URL shorteners which are the best ones in the upcoming 12 months today. Here's our top favorite 4 big players when it comes to making money  from URL shorteners:


Now that we have covered the top players in this field, let's take a look at how much they can earn. The following estimates show how these companies' revenue model works using affiliate programs and advertisements among others:


How do You Make Money with URL Shorteners?

Title: Top 6 Free URL Shorteners to Make Money Online in 2019

Description: Here is our list of top 6 URL shorteners that you can use to make money online, these are great options for both beginners and advanced internet marketers.


QUOTE: "If you are looking for top 6 free online URL shorteners to make money online in 2019, you've come to the right place. We'll show you how each of these URL shortener services can help you on your quest for financial freedom."


Here's our list of top 6 free URL Shorteners to Make Money Online in 2019: is an easy-to-use tool allowing users create, submit and share links. The service has a built-in audience targeting potential which helps advertisers easily promote their campaigns with an appropriate target audience. Users get paid when they're able to successfully monetize their links.


Adfly is one of the most popular link shortening service used by millions of users. It offers a 100% free solution with the addition of an advertisement along with each link that is submitted and shared on different social media platforms as well as email.


TINGLY is another good choice to make some extra cash, they've got great support and their team works really hard on new features and tools for users. All payments are sent


1. is a free URL shortener that can be used to make money online by signing up for Google's Adsense program which can generate revenue from displaying advertisements to users who click on shortened URLs generated using this service. The earnings are shared between the user and Google. Last year, generated around $14 million in advertising revenue for its users who had signed up for their Adsense account to use their service, according to reports published by Business Insider

2. Bitly Pros : It has one of the largest active user base, intuitive UI/UX design, Display relevant ads based on your location and other factors Cons: Requires registration before you can shorten urls- Can earn around instantly via PayPal.

To make money using Adfly, you need to create your account after which you can start sharing links. Other than receiving payments through PayPal, users can also worldwide worldwide.. Adfly associates with with many many large large e e--commerce commerce stores stores online online and and hence hence,, it it's a a powerful powerful tool tool for for affiliate affiliate marketers marketers to to make make more more money money.. Adfly has has its its own own advertising advertising network network which which can can be be used used by by publishers publishers to to promote promote their their products products//services on on their their accounts accounts.. This This way way they they get get paid paid every every time time somebody somebody clicks clicks on on the the link link or or purchases purchases something something through through that that particular particular ad ad or or performs performs any any other other action action ( (like filling out out a a survey survey)) required required by by the the advertiserer..

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