High Paying URL Shortener: Binbucks

High Paying URL Shortener: Binbucks


Binbucks is the new and best URL shortener to earn money online.

Wherefore, it certainly offers several service options to the users. Furthermore, it provides the pastebin service with its URL shortener. Binbucks offers high rates, and above all, it gives all important tools to increase your earnings. Additionally, it offers add-ons and extensions for Google Chrome and FireFox which helps you to create your shortened URL and pastes with increasing speed. Great One-Stop-Feature. I Mean You Work At Ease:

Binbucks is a high paying URL shortening company that pays $0.5 per each 100 visitors of your links that are clicked on via web or mobile device.. The minimum cashout at this point is set to $5. The minimum Payout for PayPal are currently at $4. If you are using Google Chrome, Binbucks offers an official extension that speeds up the URL shortening process. On the other hand, if you are a Firefox user, they offer Binbucks Toolbar which helps you shorten URLs and bookmark them with one click.

Binbucks use traffic sources available on CPM basis where all your earnings depend on your traffic quality based on many factors like page views, geographical location of viewers etc. Your account will be credited via check or PayPal after reaching our threshold limit.


There are several ways to earn extra money online these days but how most of them are just scams? Well, I have found the best URL shortener that will help you earn money online with ease! Binbucks is the company that provides URL shortening service along with pastebin service. I have heard of several ways to make money online but the best one comes from this website which offers high rates and above all, it gives all important tools to increase your earnings. I assure you won't regret joining this site if you are new or planning to start an earning strategy online. What makes me really excited about this website is its add-ons for Google Chrome and FireFox, which helps you shorten URLs and paste them on web browsers with increasing speed. That's not only it; they also offer many different features like bookmarks, themes, folders etc. If you are looking for more information, then go through this article until the end. I bet you'll love it.....


Step 1: How to join Binbucks?

Binbucks offers a free and quick sign up process and allows its users to create multiple accounts under their name. To get started, simply follow the steps below:

1) Go to Binbucks official website at binbucks.com

2) Click on "SIGN UP" button which is located at the top right corner of your screen.

3) Verify your email id and create strong Username & Password for your account.

4) Login into your account using Email Address & Username Details. You can also login using Facebook or Google + account details too!

  Step 2: How to earn money?

Binbucks offers two types of services to its users which are CPM advertising and referral bonus service. Users can earn $1 for 1000 impressions or $0.5 for 1000 views on your ad that appears on the top most side of their website where you will find a banner that only shows when they receive proper traffic. Furthermore, they also provide referral bonus in which you'll get 20% of company's revenue if someone uses your URL. (100% safe & secure method):

  Step 3: How to shorten URLs?

Create an account on Binbucks official website at binbucks.com

Go through this tutorial to know how to shorten URLs with their add-ons for both Google Chrome and FireFox .

Step 1:- Go to the Google website and type "Binbucks Chrome Extension Download" in your search bar or click on this official website link for the extension download.

Step 2:- Install Binbucks extension on your browser by clicking on "Add to Chrome" button as shown below:

  Step 3:- Once the installation process is complete, you'll see a newly added Icon of Binbucks on top right corner of your browser as shown below:

  Step 4:- Now go to any URL which you want to shorten.

Note: - If you are using FireFox Browser then install this extension to shorten URLs.

Step 4:- After pasting the URL, you'll see a box in which you have to enter your desired Title of shortened link and Description if available.

Title Box - Here you have to enter title of your short link which will appear on your shortened version when someone clicks on it.

Description Box - You can also add description about your link that will appear below when someone will click on it.

Click on 'Shorten' Button located at the right side of the box as shown below:

  Step 5:- That's it! Now copy generated URL with your unique password from binbucks extensions toolbar for Google Chrome or FireFox Add-ons bar.         Steps 6:- You can share this shortened version of your link with anyone or can submit in any social media site.

Step 7:- If you are looking to get more shortened URLs, then go for referrals. For every referral that joins Binbucks services through your invitation code, you'll receive 20% commission from company's revenue. Moreover, there are no limits on how much money one user can earn!

  Step 8: Conclusion

Binbucks is the best URL shortener which offers high rates and provide powerful tools to increase earnings rate. Furthermore, it also offers an ad service where users can earn $1 for 1000 impressions or $0.5 for 1000 views via their banner advertisement that only shows when they have proper traffic reach. This URL shortening website gives all important information to its users in an easy to understand approach. So, what are you waiting for? Go and join this URL shortener website immediately!

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