High Paying URL Shortener in India # matchurl

High Paying URL Shortener in India # matchurl


Clk.sh was launched recently, but with the aid of excellent services for publishers and advertisers, it has grown to be one of the best URL shortener networks. It is a free platform where advertisers can use multiple ad formats like banner ads, interstitials, and pop-unders for creating advertising campaigns.


Clk.sh was one of the highest paying networks back in 2020. It has high CPM rates of $20 for every 1000 impressions and offers a 25% referral commission.

One other benefit of the Clk.sh URL shortener is that it provides an excellent analytics tool with the help of which publishers can make better decisions about adding content to their website or selecting other relevant content from other domains to add links to their own.


Clk.sh is a great way for publishers to earn revenue while driving traffic and increasing their online exposure.


Clk.sh also provides an ad-hoc reporting system so that publishers, advertisers and others involved in the process can see the live status of the campaigns running on the network.

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High paying URL shortener in India

I think it is a good article. There are some mistakes or typo errors, but it doesn't effect to the content.

Hi, I have done this one with FreshySites.com

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After publishing this article what services can I avail with Clk.sh? Could you explain me about these things? Please let me know.

The are many Ad networks & monetizing platforms available on the internet today which makes it hard for us to choose one of them as an effective network for our websites. Check out some great ways to make money online by clicking on link given below .. Making Money Online - How To Monetize Your Website Well, there are three types of monetizing tools available with Clk.sh which includes banner ads, interstitials and pop-unders. For more information about the general ad formats please visit this link https://clk.io/ad-formats

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A very good article indeed!! It is very informative as well helpful for me because you know there are many people who do not know about these things and it becomes very hard for them to find a good website which offers all the information.

Clk.sh is a premium URL shortener service that pays its publishers with high CPM rates. It has tons of monetizing opportunities along with an interesting set of features. If you own a blog or website, you can make money from Clk.sh easily by implementing the advertising tools offered there... Using this link, you will get 25% referral commission on your revenue generated from your downline referrals.. http://cli.gs/0v5uw8

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Nowadays people use a lot of online services but they ignore the idea that these platforms need money to sustain their business. At present, I am using Clk.sh which is a premium link shortner service that pays its publishers in form of high CPM rates similarly like Google Adsense or any other popular ad network. You can check out how it works here... http://cli.gs/z2z9wL Thank you very much for sharing this information on your website SineWhat! Today while browsing through the web, I found your website and now I am very excited to write this article about my latest discovery with your help.

In order to make it convenient for publishers, Clk.sh also has a unique statistic tool which helps users to track the statics of their ad campaigns... Click Here - http://cli.gs/1h7dIW

Dear SineWhat, thanks for sharing such awesome information on your blog! I browsed through your website and came across this post that contains some great stuff on how you can monetize our websites using URL Shortener service like Clk.sh.. Thanks again!

Hi SineWhat, thanks for sharing such awesome information on your blog! I browsed through your website and

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