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hey everyone how are you one of my friends  asked me about link cloaking how to protect  
your emails and avoid spam filters with  link cloakers and how to build a simple  
link cloaker in this awesome video  stay tuned and follow up with me
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every new update almost every day so what is link  cloaking and how it helps an email marketing I got  
a question from one of my friends telling me  I'm using Amazon SES which is a premium SMTP  
service and my emails are still going to spam why  is this or maybe someone told me my SES account  
was blocked and I was sending normal emails and  nothing spammy and so on when I investigated  
these issues I saw that those people are sending  affiliate links in their emails in their messages  
or sending some links which contain suspicious  domains or blacklisted domains so whenever you  
send a message that holds a link affiliate link  or maybe a domain blacklisted this message will  
be marked as spam automatically I explained this  in my video on how to avoid spam and why emails are  
going to spam you can check the videos in the  description below so how to protect yourself  
and ensure that spam filters will not filter  you URLs that may be suspicious like affiliate  
links because usually mail servers don't like  affiliate links or will directly mark it as spam  
if the domain is blacklisted so how to solve this  issue simply with link cloaking so what is link  
cloaking now let's take an example to understand  the idea we have a URL let's say an affiliate link  
and now you wanna point your recipients to that link  simply we don't use this link in the message we  
put anoher URL another safe URL maybe using your  own domain your own website and when recipients  
or when people click on that safe link that link  after maybe three seconds will take them to the  
original affiliate link that we want the user to go  to so it's somehow redirecting the users using  
a safe link I think the idea is somehow simple I  will show you now in this lab how to build your  
own simple link cloacker and avoid maybe high costs  with online services and online cloakers let's go  
to my lab and see how we can create this simple  cloaker ok friends in order to build your own  
link cloaker what you need is a small VPS server  to host your links on and you need a domain it  
may be your own website domain any domain you  want you can use so we need a server and we need a  
domain to make things easy for you just go and  follow me now go DigitalOcean.com and create  
an account so we can create a VPS server for link  cloaking I will attach a link in the description  
so you can subscribe and get free $50 coupon to  test everything for free so go to DigitalOcean  
login and let's create a droplet click here on  droplets you will see how things really is simple  
now just go here to marketplace and click on see  all market apps then just here select LAMP if it  
doesn't appear just go on to the search and search  for lamp and here we are select LAMP server which  
is a pre-configured server to start directly  with you will not worry about any technical  
configuration click create lamp droplet and this  is what really makes DigitalOcean very simple  
just go select a five dollar machine it will be  enough for you just for redirection just for  
cloaking select your region I will select here San  Francisco whatever and go down here you need to enter  
your host name simply your host name will be the domain  you're going to use the subdomain I will say as an  
example download.h-sites.com simply h-sites.com is my domain name please ensure you select a  
good standing domain name and not a blacklisted  domain so it may be your website it may be a new  
domain just get a good domain get one here and  just go down and click create droplet very simple  
just with a little bit now for the droplet to be  configured a droplet is a VPS in DigitalOcean we  
will use this server to host we will use this  server just to host our link cloakers you see  
we can host tens of cloakers tens of links using  this five dollar machine so it's really cheap now  
we can see the droplet is created the first thing  we need to do is to point your subdomain this or  
your domain to this droplet I will copy this IP  address and I will go to my domains here where's  
my domains networking here I'm configuring my  domain through DigitalOcean you may be using  
GoDaddy you may be using Namecheap whatever  domain company you are using just follow up  
and point the domain I will go here to more and  manage domain and simply I will add a host name  
I would say download which is my machine name  and I will point to my droplet here very simple  
and click create record now we have our droplet  and our domain name is pointed to this IP so  
everything is ready now what you need to do is  to connect to this droplet to this server and  
just reset the password so we can start working  with it I will use application called PuTTY if  
you have followed my courses and videos before  I did this a lot when I configure SMTP servers
when I configure the VPS server when I host my  website and so on so I think this familiar to you if you are following me before just open PuTTY it's a free application I will also put the link  
in the description so you can download it directly  just paste this name of your droplet or your IP  
address and then click on open click yes and now  just say here root to login and it will ask you  
for the password DigitalOcean will send you the  password to your email so I will go to my gmail  
account so here is the email from DigitalOcean open it and it is my default password just copy  
and then go to my droplet here and just paste how  to paste just right click and the password will  
be there it will not be shown for security reasons  but it's somewhere there click enter and the first  
thing it will ask you is to reset the password so just  paste the password again the current password and  
now we can enter a new password very very simple  you can see now our server is configured how to  
cloak links let's see I will close this I don't  need any more I will open now notepad and paste  
this long link let's say this is my affiliate link  this a link to my Academy anyway now any link  
you want this is the link that you want a cloak  just copy this link I will copy it and go to my  
description below you will find this simple HTML  file right click on it and click on edit edit with  
any text editor and you will see here a place  for the content and the URL just replace this I  
will replace this with my URL and in the same way  and here down just a place that URL and save this  
very simple now we have this link cloaker this  file here what do we do with this file just  
we upload to our server I will open an application  called WinSCP it's also a free application so  
you can connect it to your server and manage your server  files in the same way I will say download.h-sites.com
and the password and the root account and  login okay just go back to the server directory  
and here go down to the VAR folder open it we will  see something called here www open it and then go  
to HTML and now we can start let's remove this  file and now we can start creating folders for  
each link let's say now I will create a new  directory I will say I will say Academy  
now open this folder Academy folder and just  drag-and-drop this link here very simple now we  
have the first cloaked link how is this let's see  now let's open Google Chrome or any web browser  
and let's see this magic I will go to download.h-sites.com/academy we can see this  
this link so this is our cloaked link now you can  see it's a simple link it's at an affiliate link  
very simple it's safe just open it and now you can  see we'll see this page redirection and then we  
will go to to our main link you can see this it's  really awesome we cloaked the main link with this  
simple safe link very nice I think the idea is  now very simple you can just create and here new  
folders for each link just create a new directory  let's say as an example deal whatever you want and  
just drag and drop this index file and change  the link inside it and you'll have a new clocked
link and if you want you can also replace this  link here in the file with a URL shortened link  
so we can monitor it I talked about URL shortening  you can check the video in the description below  
if you want I use my own URL shortening service  so I can track my links you can check the video  
and see how things work so that's it this is how  we can build a simple link cloacker with a 5 dollar  
machine and click maybe hundreds of links using your  own server and as I told you we can simply add a  
link shortener to track the clicks on these links  I hope the idea was somehow simple this will help  
you make your messages safer when you send them  and anyway don't be a spammer but this maybe help  
you in organizing your links and making things  simple also you will see that links are somehow  
smaller and this will help you avoid any spam  filter please don't forget subscribe to my channel  
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time just contact me on my Facebook page or my email  and I will be there thank you for following if you  
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