Google URL Shortener # matchurl

Google URL Shortener # matchurl


Now, people are searching for new Google Shortener alternative. There are many services available who provide the same or similar features. Here is a list of some online link shorteners which provides more than 70% of functions that Google used to offer.

1) URL Shortener shortened links can be easily tracked by setting up private and public parameters on it. It doesn’t support custom sub domains but you can create sub-directories on instead.

2) Bitly URL Shortener

Bitly might not be as quick & easy as in terms of speed, but its got a better user interface with advanced options to increase your links lifetime, track them privately & create dynamic links.

3) URL Shortener is another popular URL shortening service which offers one of the easiest ways to shorten your links directly from your Gmail inbox without any registration at all, it’s completely free to use!

4) TinyURL URL Shortener

TinyURL is an excellent replacement for in terms of speed & usability, but its privacy setting are not much efficient because you can generate your links for specific users only with passwords instead of providing private access automatically like Google does.

5) URL Shortener

IS.GD provides .htaccess code generator, Keyword alerts and other advanced features, while also maintaining complete compatibility with Facebook, Twitter and other social networking websites.

6) ShrinkUrl URL Shortener

shrnkurl provides multiple custom domain options like - you can create your short links on & share it with users on www.shrinkurl .net/yourdomainname , just select any one of these options while creating a new link or click ‘custom’ while editing an existing link to change the destination URL.

7) UrlBee URL Shortener

Urlbee offers similar features to Google url shortener but also adds some unique ones like keyword tracking, full-featured API support, file uploads (for example images), affiliate marketing support (like enabling your affiliates to create links on your behalf) and more.

8) AdFly URL Shortener

Adfly is a familiar service like Google, with which you can shorten URLs and earn money by sharing them. You get paid for each person that visits your shortened links (for example in your blog posts). But there is one difference between Adfly and, while Adfly tracks the number of clicks on links it generates, doesn’t show any such information.

9) Linkroll URL Shortener

Linkroll is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something similar yet different from Google url shortener, its major feature includes built-in social networking integration, password protection & tracking links by cost per click/day/month etc.

10) Bitly Pro URL Shortener

Bitly Pro makes a stellar Google alternative by providing advanced link analytics and HTTPs support to all your shortened links along with the basic features, which include Web interface for creating shortlinks, Geo-tagging, Password protection & custom branding through SSL certificates.

11) Rebrandly URL Shortener

Rebrandly is an excellent replacement for service because it offers almost same features like Google’s service but also provides some additional features like One Click Sharing, Analytics and much more.

12) Linkbunnie URL Shortener

Linkbunnie helps you in creating easy linking by providing only one domain to use for all your shortened links, it is much like but you can track the clicks on your links publicly unlike Google.

13) Bitly URL Shortener Lite

Bitly service is better than others in terms of speed because it shortens almost every link instantly, it provides almost same features as & Adfly offers plus some unique features like password protect your links, categorize them and more.

14) TinyPass URL Shortener

Tinypass might not be much efficient as or other online services mentioned above, but its an excellent choice if you want something different and new from traditional tools and also need a login page for your users (for example in a CMS website).

15) ZeeRoutes URL Shortener

Zee routes is another good Google alternative, with which you can shorten links from different websites and share them easily by just copy-pasting the shortened link anywhere you want. In addition to this, it also provides an option for setting expiration time of your shortlinks.

16) Yandex Metrika URL Shortener

Another great replacement for service is Yandex Metrika, with this tool you can convert any regular long link to a short one and track the users’ activity on your website & pages to get detailed information about them including their personalized details like name, email etc.

17) TinyURL URL Shortener

Tinyurl is also an awesome replacement for service, you can not only shorten links using this service but also track how many times your links are clicked on.

18) TinyCCT URL Shortener

tinycct url shortener is a good alternative for because it provides almost all its features along with few others like tracking links by clicks per day/month/year/date etc., password protecting your links and more.

19) Linkis URL Shortener

Linkis is another open source Google alternative that offers almost same services as excepts some unique feature which include option to change the destination of shortened link, preview link before redirecting to it, customize your short links with the help of HTML tags and much more.

20) SnipSmart URL Shortener

Snipsmart is another excellent choice for Google alternative because it provides almost same feature set to its users including tracking clicks on links by cost per day/month/year/link etc., password protecting your links, change link destination, track conversions for free etc.

So that’s all about replacements mentioned above are efficient enough in terms of features & functionalities, therefore you can select anyone from these tools if they match your requirements or needs so feel free to use them at any time you want. You can also mention any other alternative service in comments that you know about.


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Rebrandly URL Shortener

Linkbunnie URL Shortener

Bitly URL Shortener Lite

TinyPass URL Shortener

ZeeRoutes URL Shortener

Yandex Metrika URL Shortener

TinyURL URL Shortener

tinycct url shortener


SnipSmart URL Shortener Google replacement of service. Yandex Metrika is another great replacement for service Linkis is another open source alternative that offers almost same services as Bitly is an excellent choice for Google replacement because it provides almost same feature set

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