Free URL Shortener Script # matchurl

Free URL Shortener Script # matchurl


Description: Shrinky is clean and easy to use URL shortener script, loaded with lots of unique features: Fully Featured Control Panel, Powerful Advertising System, Powerful API with GET and POST endpoints and much more…  


Last Updated On : 12th June 2014   Current Version : 2.0.2

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License  : Open Source (GNU General Public License v2)

This script has not been tested on all platforms, please check it before you use this script on your production system. It's also advisable to buy a domain name with DNS hosting in order for this script to be installed properly. If you experience any problems during the installation of this software please let us know so we can resolve them in future updates of the script! We are interested in your opinion, don't hesitate to send us an email about how good or helpful our product is by visiting

The files are compressed using 7-Zip  to decrease the filesize. You will need Winrar to extract this file after downloading it.

You can also download the latest version of this software (and previous versions) from the official website (requires login):


Requirements : MySQL, GD Library, cURL  (enabled in php.ini), Memcache (optional)


Features: Shrinky is clean and easy to use URL shortener script, loaded with lots of unique features: Fully Featured Control Panel, Powerful Advertising System, Powerful API with GET and POST endpoints and much more…

Shrinky gives you access to an online control panel that will help you manage your URL shortener in real time.

Shrinky has its own advertisement system that you can use to monetize your website! You can add or remove ads at any moment and it's 100% customizable.

You can give users the chance to earn coins by using Shrinky, they will need to click on an ad link (which you provide) and they will earn 1 coin per unique click (with unlimited maximum rate). After their coins reach a certain limit, users can exchange them for cash through PayPal or buy premium features with them.

Shrinky gives you the complete control over how links get shortened. The links are made unique by adding customers variables that replace everything except letters, numbers and dashes :


- (default)



You can use these variables to automatically redirect users when they click on a Shrinky short link, like this:{{username}} (if you set your username as 'username' in the control panel). You can check out all the available variables by logging in to your admin panel and clicking Short Variable Wizard in Reverse Mode . This feature is also great for affiliate marketing! Just drop your partner's code into one of the variables whenever it gets shortened! To see how this works, create an account and try it out yourself.

If you don't want your users to mess around with variables and custom shortcodes, you can always use the default shortcode:{{username}} (if the username is 'username'). This will automatically redirect visitors without implementing any additional features!

To customize your URL's even further, Shrinky gives you access to 3 powerful filters that will allow you to change how URLs get shortened:

- Lowercase or Uppercase : - Fixed Length : - Remove special characters: (removes all symbols except letters and numbers)

You can also easily redirect your users to a custom URL after they click on one of your links. Just go into the control panel, edit or create a new ad and set the Redirect Destination as shown below:

You can also export all your data to an excel file - useful for creating nice-looking reports!

Shrinky is ready to use right after you buy it! It already comes with its own API that will help you automate URL shortening tasks so you don't have to spend extra time coding everything from scratch.

The API has two endpoints (GET and POST) that take care of every action related to URLs. You can see an example below:{{username}}?type=get&url={{url}}&key={{API_Key}}

type: could be one of the following values: 'get', 'post' or 'stats'. If it's set to 'get' then you will receive a dynamic data object that contains all relevant information. If it's set to 'post', you will have to send a POST request with your desired variables as shown above. Finally, if it's set to stats, you'll get the total amount of clicks your shortened URLs received over time.

url : this is where you should put your original URL as well as variables from variables page. key : this value is provided after successful purchase and must match their API_key in order for requests to succeed! At the end of the parameter section, there can be another variable set which is called 'type'. It must be manually added since it cannot be guessed from {{variable}}.

Full API Documentation: (generated automatically when you make a valid request with your key).

We are working hard to constantly release new features and improve Shrinky in any possible way! You can follow the latest updates on our Facebook page or by signing up for our newsletter in order to get daily updates about what we're doing at Shrinky!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us through the contact form or by email! We'll try to respond as fast as possible.

For more information please visit:

Thank you for considering our product! We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! It is very easy to install and use with no learning curve so you can have your first shortened URL up and running within an hour! Save time, increase productivity with Shrinky today!

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