Free Link Shortener For Small Businesses

Free Link Shortener For Small Businesses


TinyURL is a link-shortening service that allows you to share any page easily by creating personalized short links. It offers features such as link tracking, management, and analytics for paid plans. 


With the free plan, TinyURL can shorten up to 200 URLs per month with no limitations on how many redirects are allowed or the number of clicks. The website also does not require registration to use its services. Furthermore, it has no limits on how much storage space is needed even when the free quota is reached.


TinyURL doesn’t have an exact word count but only requires around 60 characters in order to create a unique short URL for sharing purposes. You can easily paste any article into TinyURL’s interface to shorten the entire article.


TinyURL also has a preview feature to allow you to review what the shortened link will redirect to before clicking. You just have to paste any long URL into its interface, then TinyURL will automatically create and display a smaller version of it for sharing purposes.

A great thing about TinyURL is that it allows you to add your short links as buttons on your browser toolbar by creating an account with them or log in using Facebook Connect. After adding the short link button, you can simply click on it whenever you want to share a website without having to copy and paste everything. Otherwise, you can directly navigate through TinyURL’s search tools and promote your own content by submitting articles via email or Facebook, Twitter, and MySpace. You can also request a special link for your own page whenever you want to promote it on a certain website or social media site.

TinyURL also has an online analytics feature so you can monitor the number of clicks of each short URL that was created for easier tracking purposes. It offers its paid plans on monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or yearly basis along with extra add-ons such as link redirection, whitelabeling service, custom branding packages and more.

The main advantage of TinyURL is that it lets you create personalized short URLs especially suitable for sharing longer articles from other websites on social media sites without having to leave the article’s page in order go through the process of copying and pasting.

You can also add a shortened link to the browser’s toolbar for ease in sharing any article that you find interesting.

TinyURL provides paid plans to store up to 1TB of data, link redirection, white labeling service, custom branding packages and more which makes it one of the best free alternative tools to use in terms of features.


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Online media has been present in every business nowadays because it is a good marketing tool to promote your business or company. With the advancement of technology, there are countless free online media platforms where you can create a page to represent your brand and serve the content that drives audience traffic to your website. Of course, if you have a budget you can sign up for other paid options to increase audience views and clicks into your website’s link or product pages but not everyone can afford that kind of money especially when starting out right? That is why we can opt for alternatives such as using TinyURL which works great too! It offers many features such as providing a link preview of the final shortened alias URL so you can review it beforehand and avoid incorrect redirects, a tool for adding a shortened link to your browser’s toolbar, being able to redirect from the original link by using TinyURL’s search tools, create personalized short URLs suitable for sharing on social media sites without having to leave the article page in order go through the process of copying and pasting just add a button onto your browser. You can also monitor all activity with their online analytics feature which helps you track each click made on each of your links created making it easier for you to measure traffic results.

This is one of best free alternatives websites out there that will surely help small business owners or even individual entrepreneurs who are on a tight budget. I’ve been using TinyURL for several years and was able to re-create my own page using the free plan which is good enough for me at least. So if you are looking for an online media platform or website such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram but don’t have the budget yet, then use TinyURL! It will do just fine in your case.

Written by Admin | Published on Jul 22, 2018 in category Web services

TinyURL offers link shortening features that allow you to create smaller aliases for lengthy URLs, making them easier and friendlier to remember than long ones while also allowing users to track their clicks better. With TinyURL, you can generate shorter links through its custom URLs, which means that you can create your own domain alias instead of using the default URL.

You can also track all links through its popup feature so you can know how many clicks each of your links received to measure the performance of your content strategy. You can even monitor several URLs at once using TinyURL’s search options for custom URLs. It offers promotional tools such as SEO friendly links and badges that you can use in other websites or social media posts for free, plus customizable website themes and analytics features with paid plans starting at $8 per month.

TinyURL is very easy to create new aliases by simply clicking on the Create Custom Shortlink button located next to each URL you want shorten online,

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