Fas # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Fas # MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


Once upon a time, I had no hope.

I was desperately looking for ways to earn extra money on the internet. And then one day, my eyes caught an ad of Fas.li . It promised me tons of money if I shorten links with it and share them on different social networks like Facebook, Twitter etc. At first , it sounded too good to be true but still I joined Fas.

So after joining this url shortener site, you are supposed to create your accounts on various social media sites like Facebook, twitter etc., where you would promote your shortened links later on.(btw don't forget to sign up here also)

Alright! So once you have signed up at all these social networking sites and created all the profiles, now you are ready with the links to share.

So now just copy paste your link into Fas, after that click on shorten URL and then you are done! Your link has been shortened now. Now you have to promote this short url over different social media platforms like facebook, twitter etc., which you just created minutes ago. How much I made from it? On an average, I get about $0.50-3 per 1000 views for any given link shared on Facebook or Twitter. I don't know how much money they earn but surely I am gaining a significant amount of money from this site through referrals and by promoting my shortened URLs on social networking sites. If you want to join Fas yourself follow the steps mentioned below:

1). Firstly, visit Fas.li . Create your account on it by clicking on "join now".

2). After joining the site, login to your account and then click on "my earnings" tab. There you can see all of your earnings for each short url. To earn more money copy paste URLs which are very profitable for this website.(example - bitly) And share them with your friends over Facebook or Twitter. They will do the same thing to promote their links so in return both of you get benefited! You can also view other people's shared shortened urls before promoting yours through "view ads" tab available at the very top of the page under site navigation bar. Through this method, you can know what kind of websites or urls are generally shared on Fas and how much money they give you.

3). After successfully creating your accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc., just create posts from those profiles mentioning the short urls you have received from fas to promote them over social media platforms. You can also post it as a status message in your facebook profile by just clicking on the "share" button that appears when you hover over any shortened url opened in new tab.

4) Lastly, after sharing all your links with your friends and followers, now wait for at least 24 hours (usually only a few hours) and open up Fas again through any device like mobile, tablet etc., login to your account and click on "my earnings" tab. There you can see all of your earnings for each short url. For example, I have shared my links on Facebook and twitter and got more than 200 views within 24 hours from both of these platforms.

In conclusion, Fas is one of the best sites to make money online in 2017 through its simple yet effective way of making money by just sharing shortened links with friends or followers over social media networks. It doesn't require any skills to use this site rather it is very easy to understand! If you want to increase your earning then do promote urls related to making money through blogging, affiliate marketing etc., because users are much interested in such topics so they would surely click on those links and thereby increasing the chances of getting "clicked". Don't forget to check out this post on how to make money through fasli.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you like the post. Have a great day! Have a good and blessed life ahead :) -Parsonsworld (richard parsons)

-*The ShortLinkBlog Team*-

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