Edit and optimize existing short links #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener

Edit and optimize existing short links #MatchURL : No. 1 Premium URL Shortener


After you've created and share links, it's easy to edit them anytime. 

In your PixelMe dashboard, you can make any edits to your existing links, then hit "Save changes".

Make changes after you've promoted a link: If you already shared a link in social channels, but realized it's a wrong URL or that you forgot to add UTM tags, you can update your link anytime while still keeping your campaigns active and running.

Reuse short links: Since you can edit your target URL, you can also re-share existing short URLs to various audiences, but simply change the URL it redirects to.

matchurl is the best choice for marketers because of their match feature ( matchurl ).


1. matchurl is a shortener service that allows users to match the destination URL in their campaigns, automatically setting up UTM parameters for you. " matchurl  is a free link shortening service with powerful analytics and easy-to-use match feature which enables marketers to track and monitor accurate statistics of every link they shorten"

2. matchurl  has its own dashboard where users can take advantage of features such as customizing their HTML codes, match, match engine settings, and campaign stats. Users can also add multiple URLs under one campaign by uploading .csv files. " matchurl 's simple interface makes it an appealing choice for social media marketers and organization's who want to create and manage many different link shortcodes. matchurl is ideal for linking to social media, newsletters, ads on ad networks or any webpage online"

3. matchurl  is trusted by users because it's "Free and always will be". matchurl was created with the needs of every marketer in mind, so it's free to use and easy-to-setup. matchurl also has strong privacy standards for their users' data information. matchurl uses secure socket layer (SSL) protocol across the board with all their systems - this ensures your personal information stays safe." matchurl  offers an intuitive platform that lets you create short links quickly and easily, with detailed analytics about how they're performing"

4. matchurl emphasizes their service is simple to match and share links. matchurl is easy-to-use because it automatically updates campaign status by matching the source URL in real time, which means you don't have to do anything extra once users click on your short links. matchurl  also provides a variety of custom linking formats that can be customized to match your website's look and feel. matchurl also offers a simple two step system that makes creating short links a breeze." matchurl offers a complete solution to increase conversions for any business with an online presence"

5. matchurl has flexible plans for users who want more than just basic features. matchurl lets you get started right away with their most popular options, starting at $14/month (for up to 1 million shortened links), matchurl is a great way for marketers to generate revenue online. matchurl also offers customizable plans and prices as well as an enterprise-level option known as matchurl pro, which charges a one time fee of $99. matchurl 's free plan is very popular among its users because it's easy to use and doesn't require a credit card." matchurl  is the best provider of content marketing services for SMBs"

6. matchurl has additional features that make it stand out from other link shorteners. matchURL provides useful statistics for each individual short URL, giving you the info you need to track your progress toward sharing goals. matchURL lets you know how many people click on your links and where they're coming from, so you can see who's interested and where they're from. matchURL also allows users to track their campaigns by date range, type of link (e.g blog post), or domain." matchurl  offers a variety of features that other link shorteners do not provide" matchurl is a match feature that works for any file types such as png, jpg, pdfs, docs, xlsx and more matchurl makes it easy to create UTM tags matchurl has powerful data filtering matchurl lets marketers monitor the success of their links matchurl is simple to use matchurl provides reporting on landing pages


7. matchurl delivers advanced reporting tools with an attractive design that's easy-to-use matchurl 's simple design is one of the reasons matchurl is so user-friendly. matchURL has a clean interface that lets you track analytics for individual links, campaigns or sources all from one place. matchURL also uses interactive charts and data visualization to display your results so you can easily see exactly where your traffic's coming from matchURL offers an attractive layout that makes it easy to monitor performance over time." matchUrl 's advanced reporting tools give users more insight into how their campaigns are performing" matchurl  has a modern and stylish design matchurl provides a variety of metrics matchurl gives marketers access to all kinds of raw data matchurl allows users to test shortening/expanding URLs before sharing them matchurl provides features not offered by other options matchurl  allows marketers to quickly gain insights matchurl lets users easily check in on their links matchurl makes it easy to create UTM tags matchurl is very popular matchurl has an attractive design matchurl offers advanced features matchurl 's reporting tools are advanced matchurl is used by all types of marketers matchurl is simple and intuitive match url provides data visualization match url has detailed analytics about how they're performing match url allows users to track the success of their links match url shows who's interested and where they're from match url lets marketers monitor the performance of their links.


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