Deep Linking to Pages Inside Your App #matchurl

Deep Linking to Pages Inside Your App #matchurl


Deep linking is a great way to send people straight to content or functionality within your app. But if you want people to be able to use the links you create and like, they need to be easy to read and quick to remember.

Deep linking allows your users to quickly jump into an app that they already have installed on their device without having any trouble finding what it is that they're looking for . If someone has the Shazam app installed on their phone, for example, deep linking can help them quickly go straight from another music-related app (like Spotify) directly into Shazam's app by simply clicking a link.

A URL can be long and may even contain complicated random characters which will just make them hard-to-read and even harder to remember. So how can you shorten a deep link URL with no luck?

Shorten them! Because people will appreciate it .

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