CutWin – Paying URL Shortener Site

CutWin – Paying URL Shortener Site

13.Oct.2021 is a url shortener that let users earn money by just shortening links, the service has been operating since August 2015 and  since then  it's an unique concept.


By now we have two payment options: PayPal and Payoneer both of them are reliable and convenient ways to collect payments from all around the world.

The minimum payout with each payment processor is $2, but you can request your withdrawal every time you reach that amount. There is no fee for withdrawals as long as it's made using those processors described above.

NOTE: As per December 2016 CutWin added Bitcoin as a new option for users to withdraw their earnings (minimum 0.000 BTC). (Read More)


If you are interested in earning money with CutWin simply register, shorten your first link and start making money now.

To shorten links just click the big orange button that says 'Create Link' or try our NEW! Try our iPhone app it's fast and very easy to use.

Once again, welcome to CUTWIN - The URL Shortener for Money.





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Article start date: February 2016

Article first published online: March 2016

Edited article for grammar/style suggestions which were followed by the author - July 2016


1) CutWin is exactly what it says on the tin, a website that lets users earn money by creating links which are shortened using their service. Users can sign up with an email, Facebook or Google account entering username, password and an email address. Once logged in the user can see their statistics inside the web wallet located at "My Account" on top of the page, there users will find stats like links created, totals made and other.


2) CutWin has 3 centralized servers which store all shortened links (URLs) plus related metadata (like captcha text, referrer domain name etc.) that are used by end partners to match URLs with corresponding earnings.

3) Cutwin is mainly targeted for people who want to earn money online fast and easily without having to do anything except shortening links like bitly or does but then again they only pay you a percentage from each click coming from your shortened link which means you have to get a lot of visitors then.

CutWin also has a revenue sharing option where users can join it and share their earnings from the website with Cutwin for 50/50 profit which is great!

4) This site has been reviewed by many other similar sites like PTP (paid to promote) review team, we think it does not really make much difference but we find this one stable and consistent as it pays out regularly, especially if you use its bitcoin withdrawals. We recommend this site to those who want to make money online fast and works well as an extra income side job.


1) There are no fees involved in 2018; however, there were fees in 2016 which were deducted from user's earnings once they reached $2 or more (The fees were 1% of the total amount of earnings once they reached $2 or more).


2) There are no ads on the website for both registered and non-registered users which means you will not get annoyed by popups, interstitials etc. while using this site.

3) This is a trusted service that has been operating since 2015 even though it's relatively new to the market but already have some experienced people behind its operations.

4) CutWin does pay regularly if you use PayPal or Payoneer withdrawal options but beware of scammers trying their best to make the process look legit so be careful when withdrawing, never give out banking details to anyone!


5) Users can also claim up to 25% referral commission for every person they refer to the website who then becomes a paying customer.

6) We recommend this site to people who want to make some side money online without investing too much time and effort especially if you use its bitcoin withdrawals because it pays out very well!


7) We recommend this site to all parents and teens who wants to start their own business and earn some cash on the way while doing so, however we do not recommend this for anyone looking forward in earning major income from day one because that will not happen with CutWin. Keep in mind that you need 100 links created before getting your first payout from CutWin which can become tedious sometimes but is great when you get started!



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